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    Originally posted by Shay Moore on tribe.net.Hello lovely ATSGSTTers!br/br/I dont know about you, but for me, getting through tribe has been getting slower and slower and sloooooooower in the past year. It takes a long time to load, sometimes times out...and in general, not as many people are here any more. Newer members of our extended tribal family arent even members of tribe--its old tech, my friends!br/br/So how would you like to migrate on over to an ATSGSTT Facebook page? Let me know your thoughts. I have one rarin to go if you guys are game!



    Originally posted by Annabella on tribe.net.Well Im only new to this group - got my invite in the last week - but I have to agree that Tribe.net is getting slower and seems to be closed for maintenance a fair bit. br/br/Facebook would be an improvement I think. :)br/br/Cheers, Annabella



    Originally posted by Joan Marie on tribe.net.Facebook can not organize threads like Tribe does. We have been experimenting with another group on FB and it is not efficient.



    Originally posted by Bobbi on tribe.net.Hey Wendy, a thought....since "atsgstt" IS FatChance, can a forum be set up on the fcbd.com website? Sort of like Carolenas blog but a password required for graduates. And you can let new graduates know at the the of the class.br/br/Shay I love want you are doing with tribalbellydance.org, I was just thinking since this tribe IS FatChance specific, no disrespect intended.



    Originally posted by Bobbi on tribe.net."Facebook can not organize threads like Tribe does." Thats one of the main reason I dont like fb. I really dont care about ridiculous random thoughts people seem to like to post. Plus I have privacy issues with them. Yes tribe is having more problems, but I will follow where ever this tribe goes.



    Originally posted by Wendy on tribe.net.the only other alternative I could think of is to do something like a Yahoo group, dunno how well that would work.



    Originally posted by Zanubia on tribe.net.I prefer Tribe for discussions. There is so much junk on Facebook.



    Originally posted by Shay Moore on tribe.net.I agree, not being able to thread discussions or link to them directly is a big limitation. I have been working on a new tribalbellydance.org site which would have forums, but I have found that so many formerly very active bulletin boards and forums are drooping in activity these days. tribe thrived because it drew people for many interests into one place. Like Facebook, we were already here for lots of topics and groups, and could visit them all easily and participate with one login. br/br/So okay, how about this... Its a hard-sell to get people to login in yet ANOTHER site, but if there were a forum on tribalbellydance.org, which had an ATSGSTT specific area which could be closed, threaded, linkable, (in addition to a full resource, including many other forums on tribal group improv, tribal fusion, costuming, videos, scrapbook galleries, articles, tutorials, etc) would that be of interest? I have been reworking that site and forums were already in the works, so it would fit right in.br/br/Mainly I want there to be a place where we can learn and grow together the way we were able to here. This resource has been so great, and I dont want to lose it. But I can barely log in to tribe any more its so slow, and we gotta do sumpin!



    Originally posted by Shay Moore on tribe.net.No offense taken. But honestly, its kind of like saying that ATSGSTT should never have been on tribe because it is ATS specific and FCBD doesnt own tribe. I think the group belongs wherever people interested in it would congregate and participate. I made this tribe with Carolenas blessing, so it is "sanctioned", if you will, by FCBD.



    Originally posted by Jennifer on tribe.net.Yes, it does take some time to load, and, true, it sometimes times out, but, as discussed here, there are real advantages to Tribe-the organization, the privacy, etc. It is a bit of a pain to use Tribe, but I think that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and, on balance, I think it would be best to stay with Tribe. I dont know what it would take for Tribe to update and improve its servers, but it certainly wont help to leave it for FB. Thank you for your thoughts and your concern, Shay.



    Originally posted by Durrah on tribe.net.I would totally join the forums on your site, Shay 🙂



    Originally posted by rhiannyn on tribe.net.i agree with the comments about f/book.br/but i like this idea of the tribalbellydance.org site being set up with forums similar to this... so yes, i would go there 🙂



    Originally posted by Sarah on tribe.net.I think anywhere else would be an improvement on Tribe. I can barely sign in here anymore!



    Originally posted by Patsy on tribe.net.I dont have a problem with tribe other than the offensive home page which I have complained about a couple of times now, it shows 2 tribe photos, one called Y fronts picture of a man in pants with his bits out and the other called Incest family fun not sure about the US but Uk sites are taken down for far less, I just find these images offensive and shocking.



    Originally posted by rhiannyn on tribe.net.it is slow here, even with the fact that i am a paying member!br/the only time i cant get logged in is when they are doing maintenance...br/i like how Tribe is set up, and i wouldnt leave it, but if Shay created an ATSGSTT forum on her tribalbellydance page, i would certainly check in there as well 🙂

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