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    Is the Bessie skirt intended for dance performance?  If so, do you wear it with leggings or bare legs? It doesn't look as though it would work with pantaloons.Thanks 



    I bought my Bessie skirt on Friday at Cues, wore my Bessie top and skirt to the instructors show and also wore my skirt to the workshops.  I didn't wear leggings and it was Great to dance in. The skirt is beautiful and very flattering. If you are teaching a class and have the skirt buttoned up to show your foot position, it depends on your personal preference if you want to wear leggings or not. Personally, I wouldn't wear leggings. 🙂



    I like to wear short, lightweight leggings (capri/knee-length) under my Bessie most of the time.  This isn't so much for modesty as it is to prevent thigh rub!  ;D  I do something similar with most skirts / dresses.FCBD and Tessera have both performed in our Bessie skirts.  It's definitely a sleeker look, and I'd suggest you consider the skirt as part of an overall presentation -- that is, you might want to keep the hair more minimal too, and the tops, and choose music that feels more modern.  I also like it for just walking around in!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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