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    Originally posted by Jennifer on that problem students is what we all have to talk about lately!br/br/My issue right now is the student who thinks bellydance is easy, and now has apparently booked herself a gig. My question is whether or not I should reach out to her and say I think its a bad idea, or to leave it as it background: She is 19 or 20, and has been taking classes with me for a little over a year. She did two level 1s, and then all of a level 2 session. Last summer, she had a weird work situation going on, so for her second time through Level 2, she missed about half of the classes. This continued throughout the fall, with Sept-Oct her being there about half the time, and then since then, even less. I think shes made it to 2 classes in 2011. br/br/She loves tribal fusion (especially RB) as well, though has never taken classes other than my own. She watches a lot of youtube videos and sometimes asks me to explain, during or after class, the moves she sees in those videos. Ive explained to her that she needs to learn ATS in order to do tribal fusion, and she should take some cabaret lessons with another teacher to learn the other bellydance moves, but she definitely seems to feel that she can just watch RB 200 times, follow along, and be dancing like just posted on Facebook saying that shes booked a bellydance gig. Part of me just wants to contact her and say "no, you cant do that" - she has less than 6 months of classes under her belt (though I think she would say "Ive been taking classes more than a year!" - leaving out that its been 6 months since shes come consistently), hasnt been coming to class regularly, and certainly hasnt been taught any performing skills yet. However, at the same time, I have a feeling that contacting her wont stop her anyway, plus Ill offend her in the process, so it doesnt seem worthwhile. I am, however, a bit concerned about what my other students will think - will they see this as me "allowing" her to perform if I dont say something, and think I am being hypocritical (since we have talked in class about when they will be ready to perform, which isnt until Level 3, minimum - and I have no L3 yet)? I am also worried that she will perform and say that I am her teacher, which could reflect poorly on would you do? If you were to bring it up with her, what would you say? I appreciate any insights!



    Originally posted by Sandi on would find out what she intends to market herself as - ATS or Tribal Fusion? If it is ATS, she then is representing you and your teaching, which youd then have a little bit of say in the matter. If it is TF, then shes not necessarily bringing the focus back to you or your school. If it makes you uncomfortable for her to be performing ATS at this point, Id ask her not to use ATS, or at least not mention your name/school in her bio/intro/, people will do whatever they want, regardless of how you feel or what you want. All you can do is teach her how it feels to be on your end of the stick. Maybe others will have better ideas. :}



    Originally posted by Raven on tend to agree. I dont know if you can say that you "allow" it or not. Students will do what they do. I had a similar situation - a student took a few privates, showed up very rarely and listed me on her webpage as her ATS instructor. Then she did some "ATS" performances. However many in my students realized that she wasnt a regular student (most didnt know who she was at all). Her performances were fusion and poorly executed. But my students didnt allow it to reflect on me bc they knew that in reality she wasnt attending class and was "faking it" - their words. br/br/Personally, Id only talk with her if you think it would be productive. If it may come back as you trying to control your students or getting in their business, Id probably let it go, as that sort of reputation can be just as damaging as a "poser." Good luck.



    Originally posted by Carrie on would also just say good luck on your show or nothing at all. Just keep in mind that shes not Level 3 material when the time comes because of her lack of protocol and clear disregarding for having to crawl before you walk. br/br/br/Many communities have to deal with people who have no concept of protocol, etiquette, ethics, etc. Its all too common.



    Originally posted by Carrie on and this goes without saying, but its not just in the belly dance world. I work at a primarily ballet school during the day, and its like that here too.



    Originally posted by Hollie Schmidt on happened to me last year with a student thinking she was all that after not even a year of lessons. Now she is performing all over town and even teaching for "free" out of her home. I found out quickly there is nothing you can do about it. She even developed her new troupe name to sound like mine and used me on her references, I did stop that and one of my troupe members told her her troupe name sounded to close to ours and so she finally changed it after a couple of months. It was embarrassing to have fellow teachers/associates in the BD community ask me if I taught those "slutty" moves but all I could do is state the truth and explain "no" she was on her own. Finally after four months of hell, I have not heard anything about her and her troupe. Just hold your head up high and the real truth will make it to the surface, most of these girls dont get very far. Sorry Jen xoxo



    Originally posted by Jennifer on for the advice, ladies - you all said what I knew anyway, but needed to hear it from someone else to believe it. Im not going to comment to her at all, and should she talk to me, I will carefully word that I dont think shes ready yet, and would love to help her get there if she starts coming to class again. Will wait and see if any of my current students bring it up with - I have been thinking about her and level 3 for awhile, actually. Im sure that when I start offering the class (I think that will be summer or September) she is going to expect to be in it. . . not looking forward to that conversation, either! br/br/Thanks again. 🙂



    Originally posted by Carrie on is a BIG factor to being considered for Level 3. On my last newsletter I had some FAQs about my classes this is what I wrote for Level 3- br/Q: Who can get into Level 3?br/A: There are a number of qualities that are factored into being invited into Level 3. First, a student will only be considered for Level 3 after she has completed at least two consecutive Level 2 sessions. She also must have a very good grasp on Level 1 and 2 moves and concepts, transitioning, be a good leader and follower, zills, near perfect attendance, and a commitment to the dance form. br/Once a student is invited into Level 3, it is required that they repeat Level 2 for at least one year (or four sessions) consecutively with Level 3. This would mean committing to two nights of dance per week. br/It is also expected that Level 3 dancers come to class in pantaloons or long skirt and preferably a choli or form fitted top. br/br/br/Note: ...near perfect attendance.... br/br/Good luck, Sister!

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