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    Originally posted by Charlottio on just reviewing the mechanics of this from the DVD vol 4 new version. Carolena says to split the heart-shaped disc into 4 sections and to layer the arms on top. I presume then that half an arm undulation goes on one quarter of the heart-disc? br/But how is the heart split up? Is the first section coming forward slightly and front left, then the second back left (left + right with arms) and the third the back right section and fourth front right and coming back to neutral (left + right with arms again)?br/Or does your arm go up left as the Torso twists left and right as the torso goes right, then left as you are coming back to centre and right as you are back in neutral?br/Sorry for such a picky question - hope that makes sense!br/Thanks in advance!



    Originally posted by Sandi on left arm undulation covers the left side movement, the right arm undulation covers the right side movement. So you have one left & right arm undulation for the whole rotation. In other words, the left arm undulation would take up half of the heart and the right would take up the other half.



    Originally posted by Charlottio on thanks so much Sandi!



    Originally posted by Wendy on first quarter of your disc is from center, falling to left. on that quarter the left elbow raises. the second quarter is from left to behind your center. On that quarter the left elbow lowers. From behind center to right is the third quarter, where the right elbow raises. The fourth quarter is from right, falling back on center, and that is where the right elbow lowers. And that last quarter, with the right elbow lowering, completing the arm undulation, is so important, and so often forgotten. If your Torso Twist feels incomplete, chances are its because you arent finishing that arm undulation on the right.



    Originally posted by Charlottio on thanks for the in-depth analysis.. So Id always had one elbow lowering and the other raising at the same time.... Will have to have a play with it but it explains why the "quarters" imagery was confusing Wendy!



    Originally posted by Wendy on just a breakdown to help you learn where your arm undulation is during the torso twist. you are still getting simultaneous lowering and raising of the opposite side, but with the breakdown, you are focusing on whats happening with the arms during the various parts of the move. Does that make sense?br/focusing on the left arm while the upper body is to the left of ctr, and same for right side.



    Originally posted by Joan Marie on description/visualization was fantastic. This move has been the most difficult for me to feel comfortabe with and I think Ive got it. Thanks!



    Originally posted by MissTrixsta on Everyone,br/br/In class last night a student called me over to say that when she keeps this move small she feels it in her upper back, however when she makes the move deeper she hinges from the waist which feels a lot better to her. We always teach our students to keep this move small until theyve got the mechanics right, and have the strength to make it deeper. This student is fairly new, and often needs a reminder to keep her tailbone down, so Im hesitant to encourage her to deepen this move, but was wondering what your views on this are?br/br/Thank you!br/br/Philippabr/br/PS: Hope you dont mind me high-jacking your post Miss Charlottio 🙂



    Originally posted by Wendy on, feeling it in the upper back, what does that mean? is she feeling pain? is it UPPER, or is it mid, where shed be contracting the lower traps? If shes feeling a contraction, thats one thing. If shes feeling pain, thats quite another.



    Originally posted by Carrie on taught (and drilled endlessly) Torso Rotation last night in class. I used the Hyperbole and a Half Better Pain scale. At the end of class, I said I realize that your arms are tired and it probably feels like Jesus is coming for you, but youre going to be better for it. ;-)br/br/



    Originally posted by Wendy on the like button???



    Originally posted by icy on keep everyone as high as I can to keep the movement felt in the upper back area so not to hinge from the waist. br/Since the name had changed from rotation to twist and the emphasis was made on the fact the move was a twist, I started doing keeping the move more focused in the upper torso. Benefit from it was it stopped hurting my lower back (been doing it from nearly 8 yrs with pain when figured it out).br/br/Also, lots of people seem to focus on making the movement larger and with it allowing their head to fall backwards and the ribcage to slide cause of the "reach" reference and crunching their lower back in order to make it huge. I took the reach word out of the description to help stop the slides and "over" am finding as people get more comfy in the movement they seem to smooth it out easier and I have not had any back or waist hurting complaints including mine. I hurt mine when I demo the other way to help show the difference and what "not" to do. just have to watch the way people lift their arms cause they can look a bit contorted but that is getting better 🙂 I do have several students that have come from other forms of belly dance and other stylizations of tribal, so they are finding it awkward from what they learned to what I am teaching but the biggest thing I keep hearing is they feel in control and no pain. 🙂



    Originally posted by Wendy on other thing to watch for is trying for depth by bending the knees and shifting the hips forward. If my students have a problem with this, Ill stand with my hip against the front of their lower body, and an arm around their lower back to prevent them from shifting the hips forward. works like a charm.



    Originally posted by Sandi on name hasnt changed. Its always been either Torso Rotation or Torso Twist. Both are correct. We call it either one because it does have both a rotation and a twist.



    Originally posted by MissTrixsta on for all the advice Ladies. From her description it didnt sound like she was feeling any pain, but rather contraction and discomfort. Ill grill her with more questions when I next see her in class, and check out her knees and hips you!!!

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