Arabic Hip Twist into Arabic

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    Originally posted by Jennifer on question - last night I taught Arabic Hip Twist and the Half Turn in Level 2. When the girls were dancing together, I saw one go from the half turn, and as she came front, lift her arms overhead and continue doing just an Arabic in place. I was surprised at this - I would have cued the Arabic with the arm plunge out of the arabic hip twist with half turn, but to my surprise, all 3 dancers followed totally fine - and I guess that since you are already essentially doing an Arabic, this might just be an arm my question - if you were doing the Arabic Hip Twist Half Turn and wanted to go next into the Arabic, would you do the full Arabic cue? Does it matter?



    Originally posted by Sandi on would.



    Originally posted by Wendy on too. I think it does matter. You want to make it as clear as possible for your followers. Coming out of a half turn to the front, if Im changing the movement, I do bring my arms up overhead. Going from a hip twist into an arabic is transitioning from a horizontal movement to a more vertical movement. Bringing the arms overhead and then plunging them down makes for an interesting contrast. When paired with good phrasing, its very dramatic.



    Originally posted by Jennifer on ladies - I would cue it, too, I was just so surprised that the followers caught it to easily. If I see it again, I will correct it.



    Originally posted by Carrie on, coming out of the AHT or Turkish 1/2 turns with the arms up is pretty much SOP for me too, no matter what move Im going;-)br/



    Originally posted by Ulla Carmilla Edenmark on would also cue.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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