Arc Arms Confusion

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    Originally posted by Misha on hoping someone can help out! I am trying to determine the name of a move that I *thought* was called "arc arms." But, when I researched it in my FCBD DVD library of love, Arc Arms is (I think) done with a combo that involves hip bumps, traveling a bit, and a turn. So I tried to look it up on line and came across this video which is what I remember:br/br/a href= Im really confused because this is what I remember learning. Can anyone clarify if the movement in the video above is a legit ATS move and, if so, what the name of it might be? Please help! And lots of love in with love for help seeking



    Originally posted by Wendy on was answered on the ATS tribe, and the answer is that in the video she is not doing Arc Arms, she is doing arms with floreos.



    Originally posted by Misha on Wendy! I wasnt sure which tribes were more active than others and got all my questions answered - and more - over there. Really appreciate it!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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