Article for Zaghareet about dancing for "civilian" audiences–need sources!

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    I have been tasked with writing a story for Zaghareet! magazine regarding public gigs…as opposed to student salons and haflas where the audience is friends/family/other dancers. I want to write a story with real life examples of the good and also the tricky aspects of performing for "civilians," which is what I call people who may be at a venue but aren't necessarily belly dance fans. These are gigs where audience has the potential to be ambivalent, bored, annoyed or obnoxious...or what if the place is empty and there is no audience? What if event planners or owners have issues with ages or weights/appearance of dancers? What if venue owners are expecting more traditional behaviors like letting customer touch or tip in the costumes, throw tips on the floor, etc? How are these things handled with grace? What constitutes a bad fit, gigwise? How does ATS fit into these venues?If you have some experience you wish to share (good as well as sketchy!) and you are willing to be quoted in the article, please contact me! My deadline is Feb. 15. You can send me a message through this forum or use the contact info below!Thanks,Amy Hendersonsweetmagnoliatribal@yahoo.com334-222-6125

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