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    Originally posted by Wendy on what happens shortly after 8:20 in this video? How could it have been handled differently? The song, since its hard to hear, is Anathema, from Muse Melodic. a href=



    Originally posted by icy on, since it seemed to work itself out that makes it harder to come up with something different. br/br/I guess the biggest thing would have been to change the move from the Chico 4 Corners pretty quickly since it was unclear as to how many times passing was going to occur once it started without a clearly intended my immediate thought...



    Originally posted by Carrie on seems like the transition between slow and fast would have been impact-ful for the audience if one of you had taken lead either sooner, or before the fast kicked, I cant hear the song at all but the volume is REALLY low on my Mac because Im at work, but I did notice that you got yourself back on beat. I didnt know you were off beat because I cant hear the music, but notice that you got on beat at like 8:24 when you were stepping into lead. br/But I know that song... again, since I cant hear the music, did you start shimmy step during the intro to Anathema? or did you wait until the music kicks in?br/br/Funny that our first two tribe assignments from our teachers revolve around Anathema.



    Originally posted by Isabella Kerruish on cant hear the music unfortuneatly so I switched the volume right off and Im taking a punt. Coming out of the dipping shimmy (I think thats what its called?) into the Double Bump at 8.30, there appeared to be momentary confusion from the follower - looked like she was expecting an E.Basic? If this is the case, then maybe the leader could have used something like an Arabic w/an arm plunge, then went into the Doubles?



    Originally posted by icy on was the other thing I wondered about was like Carrie said...starting the second song seemed awkward without the music. Since I couldnt hear it really well, I didnt "hear" the beat thing but it seemed a touch odd. So, guess now I know why... 🙂 So maybe either waiting for the music to start or leave the zIlls out until you are actually moving with the music to help ensure being on the beat better when it comes on.



    Originally posted by Wendy on, so thats the deal. Anathema starts with just the gargabas, which is what you cant hear. The difficulty with it is knowing where the one is without the downbeat. So we were actually dancing to the music, but since it was just the gargabas, you cant really hear it. br/br/The best way to deal is to either not zill til the downbeat comes in, or dance slow til the downbeat hits. ill try to find a better example next time. br/thanks for playing.



    Originally posted by Carrie on makes think that was a great example. Its good for me to see that I could start with the gargabas instead of only using slow until the downbeat my troupe, we only have ourselves to lean on for day to day music interpretation. I need all the help I can get!br/



    Originally posted by Wendy on you do use fast to start, you just have to be prepared when the downbeat kicks in to adjust if youre off.



    Originally posted by Sandi on probably wouldnt have used Ghawazee Shimmy to that song. But that was an awesome performance! Im sure the 4-person diagonal was challenging.



    Originally posted by Isabella Kerruish on Sandy, would you mind saying why you wouldnt use it? Or maybe this is a topic for another assignment, )



    Originally posted by Sandi on find the song quite modern, in all its synthesized glory, so Id probably avoid doing heavily folkloric steps. Its a toss-up though. What matters is whether it looks good and makes sense in the song or portion of the song. If it does, then its fine. I find Derwood Green (Hossam Ramzy/Phil Thorton) pretty modern, but there are parts that the Ghawazee will fit into perfectly. Its a tough concept to describe.



    Originally posted by Isabella Kerruish on

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