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    Originally posted by SOOZ on absolutely adore this move in its entirety, the actual move, the fade, the circling within a circle...its ALL beautiful...when done right! BUT....what is right! One thing im having a problem with, is this "dip" that seems to happen in the move. Youre doing the Arabic Shimmy, turning to left and right, then you go to cue by dropping the shoulder to the mirror/audience, slight glance down to floor.....but ive seen a HUGE dip happen....almost looks like a flat footed dip...depending on the dancer, some can dip without sacrificing the foot on the ball positioning....BUT to the newbie dancer, shes going to go flat footed cuz she just sees a "dip". br/br/AND then this dip just keeps getting bigger and bigger.......dip to fade....almost like youre waltzing.....dip in the circling question THERE A DIP IN THIS MOVE!? Flat footed or otherwise!!!! Please clear this up for me! thank you in advance!!!!!



    Originally posted by Sandi on the look over the shoulder will become exaggerated because, during a performance, you really want to send that cue. Cant be too subtle with it or no one will catch it. Plus, during a fade, were stepping back and cuing, so double opportunity to see that as a dip. No dip!br/br/And be careful that the feet are not going too far outside of your center area. Too big steps to the left or right can cause a dip effect as well.



    Originally posted by Raven on had this similar issue when doing the fade. Our steps were so large fading back that it did look like we were going flat footed for that part. Others that werent in our class started doing it flat, ball, flat, ball. Tricky.



    Originally posted by SOOZ on you so soo much for clarifying this! I am having such a time trying to "fix" this. Im trying to justify it as adding flair but sometimes bad technique is bad technique and needs to be addressed!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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