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    Originally posted by jesse on all - just a quick question :)br/br/During the flourish - Ive seen 2 ways of positioning the left arm.... One is with the left arm at shoulder height and the other with the left arm down at the hip and travelling up on the last few counts. Make sense? br/br/I always have done the 2nd - but have seen a few troupes do it with the arm at shoulder height. Which is correct?? 🙂 thanks in advance!! x



    Originally posted by Carrie on and Carolena JUST went over this at the GS up here in Alaska in July. They talked about how some people do it differently and made it very clear that it was the latter just like the arms would be if you were doing it stationary. It really sticks out in my mind because of their speech about it.



    Originally posted by jesse on! Thanks Carrie 🙂



    Originally posted by Leslie Jean-Jellybean aka: Miss Boo on used to do it the first way, and am still getting myself out of that habit as it really doesnt look as fluid as the latter. I really, really love the fluid migration of the arm in the latter.



    Originally posted by Valizan on tag onto Carries always considered the integrity of the Arabic move. We plunge our arms to get into Arabic, so it makes sense to plunge them down and then bring them back up in most Arabic to keep the integrity of the teaching my students, Id tell them to think of Flamenco dancers in their big ass Sevillana (or is it Granada... Now I dont remember... damn...) skirts and how they sweep the arms down powerfully to fling the skirt out of the way that they might strut without tripping over it. Same type of motion in the ASWAT.



    Originally posted by Tracy on on, so are you saying the old way of hands tracing a column upwards at shoulder height is incorrect?br/br/Does the left hand only drop to hip height for the flourish?br/br/Ive seen a variation where both hands drop to hips and do an inwards floreo at shoulder height on the way up - but thats different again.



    Originally posted by jesse on - those arm movements sound like you are referring to the Arabic hip twist flourish??



    Originally posted by Valizan on, now Im totally confused... :/



    Originally posted by Leslie Jean-Jellybean aka: Miss Boo on actually dont think either is "wrong".br/br/If you watch Vol. 7 and watch the entire segment on the ASWAT, youll see Mama C does not "flourish" starting from the hip up. She does the "flourish" from about chest height up (migrating up). br/br/But if you want the performance "example" portion right before that segment, everyone is starting the "flourish" from the hip up -- in place, in the fade, and in the circle (they do all of them in the performance "example" portion). Its Sandi, Anita, Megha and Wendy doing it that particular performance that un-confuse anyone?br/br/br/



    Originally posted by Leslie Jean-Jellybean aka: Miss Boo on = Watch. Wish Tribe would let us "edit".



    Originally posted by Carrie on any addition/ variation of Arabic Shimmy with Arms follows the same arm concept Arm travels through center down to hip height on 1,2, and up and out leading with the elbow on 3,4. In the Arabic Shimmy with Arms & Turn: Same same. In the ASWAAT Fade: Same same In the ASWAAT in a Circle: Same same.



    Originally posted by Tracy on, looks like I got my flourishes in a fuddle! Sorry bout that :Pbr/Now I understand - thanks!



    Originally posted by SOOZ on! How timely is this post for me! I literally have a veteran troupe mate stare me down in class when I teach it, insisting that what im doing with my arms is wrong! I told her, there is the correct way, the way a teacher should teach it, and then there is what you do onstage when adrenaline & ego steps in....i.e. sometimes called your "flair". Even tho it may look really "cool", doesnt mean its correct. i told her I studied the DVD, after she "challenged me in class infront of my students and I said I saw 4 different ways to do that left arm because everyones left arm is of varying lengths! I look more like Anita cuz Im 57". She looks more like Carolena, cuz shes 52". obviously were going ot look different.....AND i will start another thread on the ASWAT..........another "problem" im running into......



    Originally posted by MissTrixsta on Sooz,br/br/Great to see you on here! Your post makes so much sense and is something which came up a lot in the GS in the UK this week. Everyones arm movements will be dependant on their arm length, but if they are sticking to the mechanics of the move, they should still sink up with everyone else in the troupe.



    Originally posted by Lucy on I was taking GS in San Francisco in November of 2010, I remember specifically asking Carolena about whether the arm needed to descend all the way to the hip before travelling back up during the turn. I had also seen it done both ways, so I needed clarification. (Unless I am misinterpreting the intention of this topic?) I remember her saying that the arm first descends to the hip.

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