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    Hi lovely ladies,I'm taking on the challenge of knowing the music we dance to better.  So far my knowledge has extended to absorbing things we hear in class by osmosis, but even then I rarely know what the songs are called or where they came from.Besides all the albums on here, what else should I pick up and listen to?  Is there a specific way you listen to dance music that allows you to remember and connect with it better?Thanks in advance!



    Hi, Nina-It's so difficult to have complete knowledge of all the music we dance to.  I think the best approach is to get to know the music we use in classes, for a start.  Ask the teacher what the songs were and which album they came from.  I have often wished that the teacher would post the songs for each class on a white board that we could note after class, but they are so busy that it's often not possible for them to do that.  Then, learn the songs we use in gigs-you should know those stone cold.  It's easier to remember the music if you have something to associate it with; for example, knowing something about the lyrics, or knowing the name of the rhythm, and so on.  And, of course, listen, listen at home.  Slowly, you will build a repertoire of music that you know-it just takes a lot of time.



    Yup!  What Jennifer said is plenty for you to start off.After that, you can create specified exercises for yourself.  For a while, I was dancing to one song per week every morning.  It's a great exercise that takes less than 10 mins of your time each day!  Now that my musicality skills are stronger than when I was new to performing, I've noticed that it takes me less time to get used to a new song.  I "feel" the changes in the music much more intuitively now and that will happen to you too!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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