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    Originally posted by Makeda on! br/(first of all I apologyzed for my english :S Spanish is my mother tongue)br/I know we are supposed to dance ATS on a diagonal, right? but what about the steps? for instance:br/- in Arabic shimmy (FCBD) that then becomes ASWAT: the shimmy as Ive seen on the DVD, is done perpendicular to the audience (left then right), is that correct?br/-and what about the Egyptian Basic? Carolena emphasize on the dvd to get your shoulders parallel to the mirror or the audience.. this way the hips look more dramatically twisting... so, we are supposed to do the Eg. facing the audience and not in a diagonal way??br/br/(I hope you can understand my english!!)br/thanks so much!!



    Originally posted by Wendy on performance angle (what you are referring to as the diagonal). the hips face the diagonal, while the upper body opens to the front. br/br/When doing the Arabic Shimmy, you are at a deep performance angle. Arabics deepen the performance angle so you can see the undulation better. Once you add the arms, frontal plane changes, so you face left, then right. When you go into Arabic Shimmy with Arms, as you turn to the left, the left wall is your new front plane, so you would still be in performance angle, but then facing left or right. I hope that makes sense. br/br/With the Egyptian Basic, the upper body faces the front while the hips are swiveling, so it is still performance angle, but with the hips swiveling, they arent always at the diagonal. br/br/So, I said all that to say the with the ASWAT, you are always in performance angle, its just that your frontal plane changes. With the Egyptian you are a bit more flattened out to the front.



    Originally posted by Makeda on a loooot!!! :))

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