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    Originally posted by SOOZ on an ATS teacher specifically, what do you find-- universally, pretty consistently, with veteran students/troupemates--that you are always having to correct? Reminding them again and again.... For me: Posture. I think that once that is gone, corrupted, compromised, the whole look of the ATS dance ceases to be tribal pura! Then it just becomes merely....tribal. Just curious.....



    Originally posted by Raven on me its the chattering in the class and veteran students and troupemates interrupting my instruction to try to add their own "this is how I do it" phrases - essentially some like to interrupt to try to teach the class themselves. That is my struggle. Im contemplating enacting a "time out" system that I would probably do for, say, a 5 year old that doesnt listen to mommy. 😉



    Originally posted by Jennifer on is the same for me, too - especially the low belly engagement (I refer to this as duck butt when they arent doing it correctly), and keeping the elbows - yuck. The only time I have had this issue is with my current session, where one of my long-term L2 students brought a friend to Level 1. She now attends L1 as well, and when I am changing music, away from the front for a few seconds, etc., the new girl likes to ask my L2 student questions, and she answers, or will do a little demo. I have been doing a lot of interrupting: "Can you please let me know your question so I can answer it for everyone, in case anyone else has the same question, too?" This shuts it down pretty quickly. I have separated them in the room a few times, too - same thing, makes me feel like I am dealing with children when I do that. Good luck!



    Originally posted by SOOZ on jeez Raven & Jennifer! Ive had this same problem as well!!! The constant yakking from veterans during Level 1 esp. I hate it! I love that they are coming to Level 1 but hate the signs of boredom (yakking, yawning, not paying attention, checking out someones new hip scarf, etc.). I know they have heard or think they know how to zill by now but they should try teaching it for the umpteenth time! Its so weird to have to "discipline" adults!



    Originally posted by Sandi on"Co-teachers" are not allowed unless you solicit their input. I know as troupemates we have taken each others classes, but we dont try to pull attention away from the teacher unless they want to interact. Like, if I take Wendys class, sometimes well confer on a detail or shell use me to help demo something, and vice versa. As long as it is helpful and under the teachers control, its great. But if Im taking class, Im there mostly to be a student and the teacher should be allowed to theres a problem with a student/troupemate instructing during your class, you need to have a conversation with them. Sometimes they dont know that theyre being disruptive. They might think theyre being helpful. Or theyre just over excited they know the answers so they blurt it all out. Who knows.



    Originally posted by Carrie on live by the rule that "what you tolerate in the first class, be ready to tolerate it ALL session"br/You gotta nip that behavior in the bud right from the get go. Stand your ground. And if all else fails, have a chat with the veterans. They should know better and its disrespectful to you, fellow students, and the production of the class.



    Originally posted by Raven on talked to them individually and Ive also addressed it as a group (with the troupemates) and for some reason a couple of them just dont get it. Its been a repeated problem and each time I address it privately. I believe that the newer students will take their cues on how to behave by watching the troupe members and it really gets me bent. Its not as bad as it once was but its still a problem. Trying to figure out how to handle it - ban them from classes which would ultimately restrict their ability to function within the troupe? Give them a "time out" during the class? Not sure at this point. It seems when they are taking classes separately they are much quieter and more respectful. And really there are only 2 of them that are a continuous problem, but its a problem nonetheless. 🙁



    Originally posted by icy on complaint in the dancing...posture and watching their arm placement and elbow directions. Dont know how many times I am talking about the funking chicken class: talking after a formation/movement series in between songs, the "this is how I do it" stuff AND....teaching lower level students upper level moves cause the senior student wants to practice the new move they learned - causing confusion and being VERY recently addressed both these issues in our communication groups. So far people have cleaned up their acts regarding class etiquette, plus they want me to poke them into shape - so now I go around poking and adjusting people so they "feel" what the position is supposed to feel like not only look like.



    Originally posted by Valizan on have the same problem as Raven has. The added problem being that they are in my was helping another student, when I heard a student turn to one of my troupemates and ask about a different move. The troupemate proceeded to start teaching. br/br/And I called her on it after class. br/br/And then it happened again a week later. And I called her on it again. Her response: "I keep forgetting the difference between teacher Valizan and friend Rob. It wont happen again."br/br/And then it happened again. All she got was a dirty look that time. Didnt happen after that. Followed it up after I stopped being angry, with "the proper response is: Ask the teacher, that is what hes here for. Not, Sure, Ill tell you. "br/br/I then pointed out that if the student hurt themselves because SHE taught them something incorrectly, *I* was liable because *I* was the rentor for the room and I was the teacher. I think that is what sank some of it in. But it caused tension in the troupe. ::sighs::



    Originally posted by Wendy on for SURE! That needs constant reminding. br/br/Talking/co=teaching. Ive been, for years, telling students to direct their questions to me, so the whole class can learn from it. When co teaching happens, I address it right away, taking the person aside as soon as I can and letting them know that its not okay. Depends on the person as to whether they hear/care/etc. br/br/br/infighting among the students is the toughest one. Havent quite figured that one out.



    Originally posted by Caroline on wow, same veteran students/troupemates problems here too - the chattering in class - or worse when new students arrive in class the vets try to instruct...usually pull em back to attend to questions, probs to straight away. But really annoying when drilling and they are still chattering. Have been known to stop and give opportunity for them to ask questions and then return to drill...dont like doing it though as breaks focus of similar to others - vets posture/technique is a constant reminder am sure they all think Im a nag, but then I think the fact they are in class indicates they want to learn and this a major component of the dance, dont get it right, can look only average.



    Originally posted by Carrie on, I also sat the troupe down last year and explained that when they have a comment to share about a move that Im teaching in Level 3, (because they have to take Level 3), that they MUST phrase it in the form of a question. Thereby, appearing to stay humble to Level 3 ladies, and leading by example. Sometimes, because they dont teach, they dont understand that sometimes Im leaving some extra details out for a reason.

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