ATS with swords?

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    Originally posted by Jen on everyone,br/br/I have somewhat of a random question...Im wondering if its ever appropriate to do ATS with swords? I dont seem to see it attempted but seem to recall having seen a video somewhere of FCBD doing it quite some time ago. Unfortunately, I cant find the video now. The reason I ask is my troupe would like to try to encorporate sword into our ATS, both slow and fast, but we dont want to call it ATS if it really isnt appropriate to attempt. Thanks for the help!br/br/Namaste,br/Jen



    Originally posted by Hollie S on from Devyani taught a sword class in Birmingham less than a year ago. She showed moves that can be done with the sword fast and slow. I have the paperwork on it somewhere if I can find it I can email it to you. I stupidly tried this class with the wrong kind of sword (carbaret) you need a schimitar sword. Megha recommended Riz from Florida area for swords, my understanding that is where the lovely Devyani ladies purchase theres =) Hope this helps!



    Originally posted by Natalie on - could you please email the info to me too if you find it? - in advance!



    Originally posted by Jen on would be fantastic! Thank you Hollie! I actually have 3 of the schimitar swords that I dance with at the moment. One of my troupe sisters and I perform with double swords and would eventually like to include 2 schimitars combined with ATS if possible but Id really like to know where to start and that list would be fantastic to have as a starting point 🙂 Of course, starting with one sword with ATS is the place to try 😉 Ill send you a PM with my email info. Thanks again for your help!



    Originally posted by Jennifer on are some links to videos with swords in this thread: a href=



    Originally posted by Sandi on do use swords, but usually with headwraps. It limits the movement vocabulary a little, like you wouldnt do a Double Bump. And for some moves you have to keep the arms at shoulder height, like the Egyptian. If our Devotion 2010 video turns out (havent heard how the footage is working out yet), youll get to see Suzanne and I do a sword duet to Sharia el Souk. Theres some sword footage in SF Beledi also.



    Originally posted by Jen on for the info 🙂



    Originally posted by Hollie S on Devyani did a sword piece last night at the Birmingham Public Library.....I will post the link when someone from there sends it to me =)



    Originally posted by Jen on!!! Youve been super helpful, Hollie! Thanks so much 🙂 Cant wait to see the video!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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