Braided updos?

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    Originally posted by Vicky on there ladies! I was admiring one of the FCBD videos and noticed some wonderful braided updos: br/a href= you have any tips for how to do this? Or any tutorials somewhere for something similar? Id love to try my hand at a hair style like that, especially since my hair is getting too long to keep wearing it in a sock bun, but its too thin to make an impressive bun on its for the help!



    Originally posted by Peachtess on find the instructions on a href= to be very good. Plus they have a lot of fancier braids and picture examples of what you can do.



    Originally posted by Sandi on not sure how Kae did her hair. Maybe two braided buns?br/br/I also have braids, but I weave in a sparkly scarf to add a little extra bulk. Mine are low braids and I crisscross them around each other to create a figure 8 shape and tuck in the ends. The long sticks anchor them in place. I also do this high on the head sometimes. The scarf should be a fairly loose weave so that when inserting sticks, they can go through the scarf.



    Originally posted by Penny on href= lady has very long hair. She demos lots of styles in her videos. She often refers to the LHC (Long Hair Community....but I always think of the Large Hadron Collider!) There are some lovely braid/bun lots of hairpins!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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