Broken Contracts

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    So hypothetically, if you hire an instructor to teach workshops and they do.  But you find out the next day that they broke their no-compete clause by teaching other workshops  in the same regional area the day before the workshop you hired them to do, what would you do?The private workshops cost the attendees less than yours and was a day before within a 15 mile radius of your workshop.  Your workshop took a hit and the revenue was not enough to cover your expenses.I think an obvious answer is never hire them again.  But at what point is a contact a legally binding agreement?  Do you let it go with a good talking to?  Or do you take legal action?  If so, do you just ask to cover your losses or do you ask for the punitive damages too?  Or another option? 



    That's rough. I'd take the high road and just follow through with the event as planned and never hire them again. Spread the word where you can so other sponsors know who it is, but don't expose yourself.It's unacceptable behavior. And yes, what good are contracts?On the other hand, you can enforce the terms of the contract if you are willing to confront the teacher.Come to think of it, yes that's what I would do.



    Thanks, Carolena. 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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