Bunions and surgery

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    Hello sisters and brothers,I thought I'd put this out to all;Do any of you dance with pain due to bunions?  and...Have any of you followed through with surgery?How was it?  How long did it take before you were back on your feet and dancing?I'm not looking for horror stories, but tips on healthy recoveries would be nice.Many Thanks and hope 2014 is treating you all well so far.~Luna~Lori



    I had a bone spur cut off my foot – it was on joint of my big toe.  I followed doctor's orders to a tee.  I was on my feet again in about 2 – 3 weeks.  But I wasn't up on my toes dancing for about 8 weeks.  I danced flat-footed at about 6 weeks.  The only real pain I had was within the first 24 hours of the surgery.  After that it was just sore. It took about a year before I was able to bend my foot the same way as before and before I could wear normal shoes.  My troupe mate had reconstructive surgery on her foot (pins and hardware placed in her foot) and a bunion cut off.  She was completely off her foot for about 6 weeks.  Moderate dancing again around 12 weeks.  She had pain for about the first week and then it became manageable.  She had to use a knee scooter.    I think the surgeon could give you a reasonable time frame for recovery which would include dance.  And follow all their instructions.  You'd be surprised how fast time goes by.  🙂  Good luck!



    I had a similar to a bunion growth on my big toe  toe  joint  but it was called an arthritic reaction due to genetics and over use! I had surgery Nov 2012. It was called the Keller technique ( for elderly people )I find out later  that  It was NOT the surgery I should have had as it has left my toe joint unable to flex.  The doctor took off too much joint along with the growth and I had no space in my joint for it to move and  as I learned  jsut last week he cut the tendon on the bottom of my toe so it was raised up quite a bit  higher than it was and shorter than  before. Need less to say it has left me with a real challenge to maintain balance. I have to constantly adjust and notice how my feet are positioned . I can 't get up on my toes on my left foot !I have  been dancing  on the side of my foot now for over a year (not good) Now I just had a NEW surgery on my toe AGAIN and I now have a new titanium toe joint (Toe Joint Replacement ) I am one week post surgery and although it is sore I can walk in my surgical boot ~I go to the doctor for my first post op appointment so we shall see if it worked I guess! I hope to dance  in a couple shows in April  and go to St Louis for my GS in August . I will keep you posted  and let you know if  the toe joint replacement surgery was a success or not!!  I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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