Cafe Style vs "straight, diagonal trio formation"

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    Originally posted by nix on :)br/br/I wanted to ask for any pointers you may have on cafe style performance angle please: br/br/Is this correct: br/One entails an all-round audience vs 1 sided angle your chest/torso so that you dont really have your back to the audience on each side (i.e performance angle is directly in front of the column of dancers?)br/br/What are the hips doing? Deviating & pointing straight too, or are they angled to the left so youre still nice & to ask for the detail. We just wondered what others anyone know of any resources I can go to read / learn more on Cafe Style. Id really appreciate it. br/br/The concept sounds pretty simple (differing performance angle and nicking leadership), I just wondered if theres anything else to include when we share this with our troupe?br/br/Ive come across some mentionings in these two threads:br/a href= href= v much,br/Nix



    Originally posted by Sandi on, cafe style for us has a 2-sided audience (lets say theyre front & back). The setup is the same as a diagonal, only our orientation is so that it is facing one side or the other, not directly at the audience. And there are two lead possibilities. Leading from one end and then another lead can take it the other direction if a pivot or a 1/2 turn happens (thats not a sequence like Ghawazee or Single Bump). So the audience would get a side view. You would still have a performance angle, not flat forward. br/br/A diagonal has only one front and that is towards the audience in proscenium. Still in performance that makes sense.



    Originally posted by nix on definitely does. Thank you 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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