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    Originally posted by Lucy on,br/br/I did GS in Oct 2008 and the other local teachers did it more recently. At TT we realised there may be slight differences in our teaching of the Circle Step. Was asked whether I was teaching the version on the DVD, or the version with more emphasised hip - which apparently came up in their GS. Havent had luck in clarifying further but was wondering if anyone knew whether the definition of this step has changed since 2008?br/br/Thanks a lot for any explanation.



    Originally posted by Lucy on any other movements for that matter... I sometimes feel Im behind the times and need to do a further GS... Or maybe I am nit picking the movements too much...Just want to be certain and it seems the more I learn the more differences come up and it does my head in sometimes 😛



    Originally posted by Caroline on Lucybr/br/Know what you mean, Im a bit the same, did GS 2008 TT in 2009, but because I was feeling a little behind the times on some of the moves, (yah for Utube) am going to be revisiting GS later this here over here in Australia. I plan doing the 4 days again, but guess every few years getting along to a day pass or two of GS would be really helpful to fine tune



    Originally posted by Lucy on love a Day 4 in the UK sometime...sign me up straight away for some floorwork and general catching up. 🙂



    Originally posted by Wendy on, once again, do NOT take anything on youtube as gospel. in performance there are so many variables that can affect the outcome of a performance. br/br/And as Sandi said in another thread, Id go with the info from your latest GS. Things are always evolving, and we do figure out new things about the movements all the time. br/br/**Even those of us who are more experienced still make discoveries in movement every day**



    Originally posted by Lucy on Wendy :)br/Understood on the YouTube front. Did my TT in March and that message really stuck!br/All sorted now...



    Originally posted by Christine (Akula Tribal) Tillett on Lucy,br/br/After doing GS in 2008 with you, I have to say doing day 4 in November was brilliant fun!...Id definitely recommend doing it along with the whole of GS again as the finances and circumstances allow!! As Wendy says the moves are constantly evolving so for me the most useful aspect of our trip to the studios was the chance to train with the FCBD ladies. So knowing the differences between how we perceived the circle step in 2008 and how it was explained to us during our November trip was; br/br/In 2008 (maybe it was our inexperience) but I really didnt know exactly where the hip began the move or understand the flattening out across the front into more of a kidney shape rather than a complete circle. Plus for some reason we got it in our heads (and in my notes) that there was a taxeem in between the points of the turn and we were taught it in a 3 point turn rather than just half turns which seems to be more favourable nowadays. So, please feel free to correct me Wendy, Sandi or whoever else picks up on this but here understanding of the circle step is that it starts at the back left, arcs to front left, flattens to the front then arcs to back right and shallow scoop across again to back left, etc hence the kidney bean shape. So what we thought was a taxeem happening back in 2008 was actually just the completion of the circle..i.e if you pick up the turn to the right with the hips at back left arc to front which is the only point where the weight transfer allows you to turn, then on arriving at the half turn point you still have to complete the circle/kidney shape before the hip reaches back left again ready for the next half turn...OMG does this explanation make sense to you?...*crosses fingers*... ~;o)-



    Originally posted by Sandi on, you can do Taxeem in-between Circle Steps. You dont have to, but we usually, we turn in 3rds if were in a trio or quartet. We turn in halves in, you are correct in your description, Christine. :}br/br/Remember, that you are holding the cuing pose while you are turning, then completing the circle after youve adjusted your feet and are facing the destination point. If everyone is moving at the same pace and landing in the same position, this allows everyone to be synched up within the move.



    Originally posted by Christine (Akula Tribal) Tillett on Sandi for jumping in and for clarifying the thirds, weve got stuck in the halves with no taxeem but its good to know we can throw in the extras too! Will bring this into class next week with my students. Its so great to have you on here to teach the teachers! 🙂



    Originally posted by Lucy on you both for the info 🙂 x

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