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    Originally posted by Joan Marie on have a question on a basic choo chooing forward, we use an egyptian to get back. The question I have is do you need to do a hip bump either to the left of to the right to get back into performance angle and then egyptian back or can you just go from a choo choo into an egyptian. I have been taught both ways and would like to know which is correct or if both of them are Joan



    Originally posted by Christine (Akula Tribal) Tillett on Joan,br/br/You know thats an interesting one because when we choo choo forward we usually finish with arc arms. I dont think Ive ever (or very rarely) come back with an egyptian mainly because the 2 moves dont seem to flow naturally for me. I think a lot of times we use an arabic back because I like the plunge down through the centre and its an easy one to get back with with no change of body angle...*tries them both out*...Yep definitely finding the arabic more comfortable to travel back on! I know that doesnt answer your question, but it gave me a great excuse to dance around my living room! 🙂



    Originally posted by Joan Marie on Chris,br/br/Thanks for your response. The info is more for teaching my students. They learn both the choo choo and egyptian in L1. Arc arms in L2. br/br/Glad I gave you an excuse to dance! 🙂 jms



    Originally posted by Carrie on can just go from choo choo into egyptian. 😉



    Originally posted by Joan Marie on Carrie. I was recently at a workshop with FCBD and Carolena and they taught the choo choo and egyptian with a turn to either the right or left after the choo choo and before the egyptian. I had some students there and that instruction raised this question. So if it really does not matter, than I will let them know it can be either way, but Carolena left the impression is was not optional which is why I am looking for clarification. jms



    Originally posted by Wendy on doesnt matter which way you go.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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