Choo Choo with flourish in a circle

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    Originally posted by Nancy Young on seen (and been taught) this move with a couple of different counts. Both have 8 total counts, but the timing of the flourish (a 2-count turn left) differs. Id be grateful if someone could clarify which one of these is correct, or are they both correct? br/br/In one version, you choo choo right in Arms 1 for 4 counts, flourish in Arms 2 on counts 5-6, choo choo right in Arms 1 for counts 7-8. br/br/In the other version, everythings the same except you do the flourish on counts two versions differ in how you take the lead back into a stagger. In both versions, you take the lead on the flourish (you have to time things so you are on the stagger lead spot as you hit your flourish). But in the first version, you take the lead on counts 5-6, and then you have to finish counts 7-8 in the stagger by either flourishing again or doing Pivot Bump w. Arms 1. On the second version, you take the lead on counts 7-8, and then change moves immediately. br/br/Is any ot this right, or is it rubbish? This move is so pretty and is the only fast move that travels the circle to the right. Thanks for any help!br/



    Originally posted by Sandi on first one sounds really complicated. br/br/Ideally, you would Choo Choo for 6 counts (with right arm coming up on 5-6) and flourish on 7-8. But as we all know, while were facing in, the lead is neutral and anyone can change the move and/or cue for the flourish. It doesnt need to always happen within those counts, but it usually fits with the phrasing of the the lead from the Circling Choo Choo w/Flourish is a matter of choo chooing into your positions (for stagger) because it is not an easily adjustable move (scooting), like Arabic would be (taking steps). So, when the flourish happens, the lead can end up facing out to the audience, rather than into the circle.



    Originally posted by Nancy Young on so much, Sandi! The version with the flourish on counts 7-8 (and w. the right arm rising on 5-6, as you said) is the one I learned first and have seen most. So its great to hear that that is the ideal. br/br/Let me make sure I understand your comment about transitioning from the circling choo into stagger. The person who wants to take the stagger lead first circle choo choos onto the stagger lead spot (hitting the spot on choo count 6, with her back to the audience), then flourishes to face the audience. Is that right?br/br/If thats correct for the leader, Im still a bit fuzzy on the followers. They flourish when she flourishes (i.e., on 7-8), wherever they happen to be in the circle. If they have not hit their stagger positions during the flourish, they have to adjust quickly as the new leader starts a new move. Is that right?br/br/Thanks again so much for your help!



    Originally posted by Sandi on followers should be choo chooing to one of the positions anyway, so if someone takes the lead, theyre in position. Its like musical chairs, only, theres enough chairs for everyone, just gotta be near one.



    Originally posted by icy on learned it 4 and choo choos (Arms 1) then 4 in the CCW turn (Arms 2)br/so yet another variation???br/so it is to travel for 6 counts and only a 2 count turn???



    Originally posted by icy on am I thinking of something different then what you are describing?



    Originally posted by Sandi on can do it that way too. Its all about following the person leading it.



    Originally posted by Nancy Young on, that is good to know. Thanks, Sandi! But now heres another question-- if youre not feeling pestered to death already! br/br/If everyone is supposed to choo choo into stagger positions before the final flourish (the flourish that gets the new stagger leader facing the audience), there must be a cue to let everyone know Its time to stop circling and start chooing into your nearest stagger position. br/br/I would guess that the dancer heading for the stagger lead position is the one who gives the cue. And Id guess that the cue is for her to break eye contact and look to her right, toward the stagger lead spot, which is where shes headed. Is that right?br/br/Thanks so much, oh goddess of details!



    Originally posted by Nancy Young on didnt know about that 4 + 4 variation, Nancy. Good to know! It would make a good drill for students, too, with that more relaxed 4-count for the The version Sandi and I are discussing is what you said: 6 counts choo chooing CCW w. Arms 1, 2 counts for the turn w. Arms 2. If you do the right-arm lift on counts 5-6, as Sandi mentioned, it looks so lovely and breaks up the monotony of 6 counts of choo.



    Originally posted by Jennifer on think what Sandi is saying about musical chairs and being in position - there is no cue to say "now get into your stagger position" - if everyone is traveling at the same speed, keeping the same distance between themselves - making a nice circle - by the time someone gets into the leader spot, the natural spots for everyone else to be in the circle are the stagger positions automatically. (You may need to adjust a few inches back, front, or to the side once you come out of the flourish, but that happens anyway each time a circle ends and a new person takes the lead.)



    Originally posted by Sandi on Thanks, Jennifer!



    Originally posted by Sandi on all supposed to look natural. Theres no set one way or another. You can keep choo chooing all the way around, if you want, without a flourish. So, dont get too set in anything specific. My ideal is not going to be what happens each time and there may be a musical cue that you will shorten/extend the cue for the flourish for.



    Originally posted by Nancy Young on, Sandi and Jen. Jen, that makes sense about the circle carrying everyone naturally into stagger spots. So everyone just needs to keep eye contact with each other and notice when someone hits the stagger lead spot and spins around. I see how that would again for all your help!



    Originally posted by Nancy Young on, it just dawned on me that 4 and 4 is how I learned the partner pass version. For circles of 3 or more, I learned the 6 + 2 version.



    Originally posted by Joan Marie on we talking about choo choo forward with R arm moving to the R with L arm up on 6 counts, bringing R arm up by 6 and then turning CCW on 7 & 8? The term flourish has me confused as well as doing it in two counts. Sorry if I sound stupid here but I am missing something in my visualization. Thanks. jms

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