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    Hi ladies,I have a question about "chorus".  I've only been in a chorus in a starting in a horseshoe formation, entering and exiting.  My question is..How do you start a chorus from a circle formation?  Can you end in a circle formation?  Is the getting into the chorus something that is planned, or can it happen anytime in the improvised dance?  I hope I'm explaining my question well.  Thanks!  Lisa



    It's always been something that we've planned ahead, but to get into it we'll be circling and someone will break eye contact and move decisively to the chorus lead position, just the same way as you would if you were stepping into lead. The other people who are going to be in the chorus fall in behind the leader. We have found it tidiest if the people who are going to be in the first featured formation continue to circle for a moment or two – gives the chorus a chance to get settled and makes a nice spirally shape. I'm not sure what you mean by “Can you end in a circle formation” though.



    Again, we will discuss this ahead of time, but if we want to end circling (e.g. if the song fades out and we want to circle then dance off stage), the chorus leader will lead the chorus into a circle around the feature dancers, who can join the circle when they're ready.



    Years ago, when our troupe had lots and lots of dancers, we would circle in shimmy until someone came out to take the lead as a featured dancer, and she would have one or two dancers follow her out.  She followed the same rule as taking the lead – once you pass 6:00, if your eye contact breaks and you move forward, you enter the lead at 9:00.  As soon as a group stepped forward, everyone else immediately backed up and formed the chorus half-circle and zilled and zaghareeted until the featured dancers were done.  When done, the leader would turn to face her group, but then open her eye contact to the whole chorus, and that was the cue to circle up again and go round until another feature set came out.  It worked well as a finale to a song of about 5 or 6 minutes. 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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