Circle Step (again) but its hand floreos this time

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    Originally posted by Lucy on have been trying to really examine what the hand floreo is doing during the Circle Step, but not having a lot of luck. Ive watched the Circle Step bit of Vol.4 and am sure Im wearing it out...Foot Hip Hand ...Carolenas hand seems to have turned over the lil eggtimer as her hips are forward. I think I am starting my floreos too makes more sense when I taxeem R, L, R hip first so you have the 2nd part of that hand floreo to complete as your hips move to the L in the beginning of a Circle Step. Then the hand rotation occurs as hips are front, and completes as hips circle to R and back under?br/Otherwise my hand feels as if its wanting to do something while the foot + hip part of the movement is hints on matching up the hand floreo? Assuming it is the cue (like with the taxeem) I dont want my timing to be off with it. Thanks very much in advance for your



    Originally posted by Wendy on turn mine over as I shift my weight to the left, so when the hips are to the left. The best way for me to think about it was that the heel of your hand follows the same path as your hips.



    Originally posted by Sandi on, I think of it as the palm following the hips. Same thing.



    Originally posted by Lucy on when the hips slide to the L, the hand turns overbr/When hips travel around to the front the heel of the hand is pushingbr/When hips travel to R and back under the hand goes back to starting position ?br/br/I guess the first part of the floreo (the turning over bit) feels like it is taking less time than the latter part. Maybe my hips are starting the circle too quickly or Vol.4 it looks as if Carolenas palm is slightly behind her hips - hips are front as hand is turned over, as opposed to palm being am probably obsessing way too much. Palm following hips makes sense though, thanks 🙂



    Originally posted by Wendy on, you probably are overthinking it too much 🙂 br/br/for me it goes: as my hips slide to the left, Im turning my bottle over. As the hips come to the front and right, is when Im bringing my hand back around to the starting point. As I fall back onto my center, I turn the bottle over once more.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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