Circle Step & Torso Twist, Level 1 class

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    Originally posted by Azadi on to confirm - these should be taught to include the stepping around to face other directions than front (1/3s).



    Originally posted by icy on always teach the turns in Level 1 so for me yes.



    Originally posted by icy on referring to change directions? I reserved the lead/direction change for Level 2 so not to confuse.



    Originally posted by Sandi on, usually we teach those turns in L1. If the class as a whole isnt getting the basic move and time is running out, then we might not. That rarely happens.



    Originally posted by Azadi on give it a go then. I have not done it because I did not want to overwhelm anyone. If others can do it, I think my students can handle it too. Thanks!



    Originally posted by Lucy on have found these generally need a bit of extra work than the other Level 1 moves, but I do include the them puts the back row in charge so those who dont like leading and tend to try to hide as followers find it scary to suddenly be in charge of an angle with these in my Level 2 I did a thorough review of both as I felt they needed it, and by the end of it everyone was feeling much better. I think as they are taught towards the end of Level 1 you dont get as many weeks to use them, and people do seem to find them tough, its well worth spending a class reviewing just those two plus their turns. Even people who have done Level 1 to bits said it was well worth it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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