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    Originally posted by Irene on pretty confused about how circle step is being taught. I myself have taught it a couple of different the kidney bean or heart shape no longer used? I was told that in the last GS it was taught using the D analogy. I started teaching it as sort of D shapeand then changed it to heart shape and I hate to change it again. Id appreciate hearing how otheres are teaching!



    Originally posted by Sandi on all basically the same. The use for those analogies is to give the idea of not making a full circle, but going into center before going all the way round back. I use "kidney bean" and "heart" most of the time.



    Originally posted by rhiannyn on a little giggle for was teaching this on Monday, and my students and i are all encompassing type learners... we need to see it, hear it [have it explained] and have a diagram. SO.... out came the white board, i made a hefty dot to represent the dancer and then drew it..... bear in mind ive been emphasizing that when they move their body back off their centre to begin the move, it is not a *WOOO heres my booty sticking out* .... br/they said in unison, which made it even funnier, "oh ya, it looks like a bum!"br/br/:D



    Originally posted by Irene on Sandi! Thats how I teach it -with the heart shape.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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