Circle Steps with Turns

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    Originally posted by Hollie Schmidt on am so confused about turning the circle step. I have the old old Vol 4 and it looks like they turn it in 1/4 turns, even in the performance parts. I know it is clockwise turning, I got that part. I am told it is a 1/2 turn and 3/4 turn. I am super dyslexic and turns are so confusing. Can someone break down for all the turns and tell me if quarter turns are my imagination? =(



    Originally posted by Carrie on turn in 1/3s, so you are going Clockwise ending up at your back right corner, then back left corner, then back to front. Although, if we (my troupe) are duet-ing then we turn them in 1/2.



    Originally posted by Hollie Schmidt on you Carrie =) I always look for your explainations on here because my brain clicks when I hear you explain it.



    Originally posted by Jennifer on used to have a hard time with where the turns are with this one and the torso rotation, too, and then Carolena said to us at my last GS - "just never turn to the front right corner." If you apply this rule, the 1/2 turns and 3-point turns for both of these are easy to get (at least for me!).



    Originally posted by Leslie on other night I was teaching this and I came up with a way for my girls to remember. Since the footwork involves a "t step," I named the first turn a capital T and the next two small t. We turn half, then quarter then quarter. I talk about "home" as if its home plate, and that seems to work to get them back to performance angle in three also remind them that other ATS dancers interpret the turns in equal thirds, and sometimes you will see a half turn. These variations, I point out, make it even more critical to keep you eye on other dancers, although the lead in this one changes (flock of birds) so it can be pretty confusing no matter what we teach in our studios.



    Originally posted by Lori on! First time piping in recently reviewed the Circle Step for my class. I believe I have the revised edition and Carolena mentions it can be turned in 1/4 or 1/3 depending on the tempo of the music. br/For the foot work I add to the "T" foot placement to becoming a "V" so think "T - V" br/I hope my two cents worth helps and does not, I luv the tip "just dont turn to the front right corner" perfect! Thank you too.



    Originally posted by Sandi on the Circle Step is a slow move, it doesnt move with the tempo, but maybe youre talking about the pace of the music (super slow like Ulvi - Kudsi Erguner - Passion Sources, as opposed to a quicker slow like Stash Magrebi - Helm - Tribal Dance Tribal Drums) or the flow of it. We only use the turns in 3rds or halves, not quarters. Not sure what the video says though.



    Originally posted by Lori on by the tempo I meant the flow of the music or how you say pace as in super slow or medium"tomato, tomahto" 😉 but its definately not a rythmic move right?br/Im pretty sure the video says 1/3 or 1/4, but not sure if its the revised video, but from what you and Carrie are saying its evolved to being 1/3 or 1/2 turns dvds are my Carolena fix 😉 br/Thanks Sandi 😉



    Originally posted by Sandi on use them in 3rds when we are in a trio or quartet. We use halves when we are in duets.



    Originally posted by Carrie on Personally, I dont think that circle step in 1/4 turn would do much to compliment the step. With the 1/3s you get a really nice angle or display of the body and movement. I feel like doing it in 1/4 would make it look more flat and take a lot longer for that matter. br/Just my opinion, though.



    Originally posted by Wendy on, I dont think 1/4 turns would do anything to enhance the movement. Also, in duets, it can be done as half or thirds. 🙂



    Originally posted by Lori on agree with you Carrie (and Wendy 😉 it can look kinda only mentioned the 1/4 turn option because I thought it was mentioned in the Workshop 4 dvd. (just sayin Sarg.......... ;-)br/Sounds like its safe to say the Circle Step with Turns has evolved to be done in half or thirds as mentioned.



    Originally posted by Hollie Schmidt on,br/Thank you for seeing the Vol 4 1/4 circle step thing too. I thought I was loosing it 😉 Hollie



    Originally posted by rhiannyn on, heres my tuppence worth ~ as a teacher-teacher, not just a BD teacher ;)br/br/we have our personal box which is a are facing front left corner [performance angle]br/we turn 1/2 way to face the back right cornerbr/thenbr/we either turn 1/2 way again back to our performance angle if its a duetbr/or if its 3 plus dancersbr/we turn to the back left corner ~ which technically is 1/4 of the *square*br/and thenbr/we turn to the front left corner ~ which technically is another 1/4 of the *square*br/br/so you do a 1/2, a 1/4, and a 1/4 to make a whole turn. which is 3 turns, but not technically *thirds*, and this is where i think some people might be getting confused. i know it confused me because i was told it was done in thirds, so i was doing it in true thirds, and then got further explanation that i had to face the back right corner on my first turn [and my brain went all... um no, then that is not thirds, thats half, then quarter, quarter turns... meh, teachers, were a pain in the ass, sometimes... 😉 ]br/or maybe ive just confused everyone even more 😉 if so, im very sorry for going all teacher on you 😀 and i give you permission to whip me with a tassel on Sunday at C & T 😀



    Originally posted by Sandi on can totally think that, Rhiannyn. It makes sense. Our "thirds" is a rough estimate. I think we think of the audience the starting point, even though youre in performance angle. And the fact that were turning 3 times puts the word "thirds" in our heads. We do realize that the first turn is half way in distance. But I like your mathematical approach to it. :} See you soon!

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