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    Hi all,since now more than 2 years I'm SS  and I ask myself, how much can I calculate for the class fee?At the beginning, I took the same amount as the motherstudio in SF, but at beginning 2013 they raised their fees. I was thinking to follow this, but it would be a very high fee, so no one would come and learn ATS®, esp. when I compare to other dancing/ballett schools in my area.Do you calculate your fees in order to the FCBD®-MotherStudio? Do you calculate it for the average income in your country? I would be glad for some advice. Thanks a lot.



    In my experience, you may want to consider keeping consistent with prices in your area. Look at dance schools, yoga studios, and anything else that might be comparable and take an average.  There are so many factors to consider including what you pay for studio space and way the economic situation in your area may be. Also to consider is how long since you've had a price increase.  If you feel like you may need to raise it to an amount that might not be an easy pill to swallow for some students you may consider a gradual increase over a period of time. FC classes were very inexpensive for a long time and my prices were higher than theirs. When they increased it was actually matching what I was already charging and I think that holds true for several of not many SS/BS. Alaska isn't cheap. For awhile I had the highest prices of any belly dance teacher in Anchorage. And I felt like the other were undercutting themselves. Now they've increased slightly and a couple charge way more than I do. I charge $80 for 6 weeks plus zills. Some teachers charge $120 for 6 weeks around here.



    I surveyed the local market for pricing.  And then took into account mileage and studio rental.  Our economy hasn't rebounded yet, so people are still pretty tight on money.  I charge $50 for 4 weeks currently.  The highest I've seen out here is $70 for 4 weeks but that comes with extra rehearsal time with the instructor's assistant.



    Thanks for your suggestions. That was what I have in my mind.Greetings from Germany  😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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