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    Originally posted by Diana on wondering how different ATS teachers run their classes. Id love to hear how a typical hour long class feels like (beginners and intermediate). If you dont mind sharing....Id love to hear how things are ran from the moment you step foot in the classroom, warm the students up, and how you end things (and all the things in between 🙂 Ive only been to PURA and GS, but never in any other teachers classes. br/Thanks so much!! xoxo



    Originally posted by jesse on Diana!br/br/In our beginners class, we start with a short warm up (facing in a circle) to get everybody together and to start focusing. We then review posture and do the then drill all of the slow movements theyve learned in during the course (this gives us time to see if everyone is good with all of the previously added movements), add a new slow movement, and then drill them all together. Repeat for the fast movements and zils... and then we end the class on a high note by doing some group imrov with us leading. br/br/We have a bit of a cool down as well (also in a circle) this gives them time to ask any questions and for us to make any announcements. We end with a nice big zaghareet too :)br/br/Im interested in hearing how others classes are structured as well! 🙂



    Originally posted by Leslie Jean-Jellybean aka: Miss Boo on really like that you do your warm-up in circle. Thanks for sharing that, Jesse.



    Originally posted by Raven on, the warm up in a circle sounds like a great class format is similar. My class is an hour and a half. We do the warm up, and puja, slow movement instruction and drills. Then break out into trios and/or quartets and do improv to slow music. Then a drill zills. Then we shift to fast movement instruction and drills before breaking out into groups again to improv fast movements. I usually ask for questions throughout and generally after we improv in groups Ill ask if they have an observations and/or questions about that as well, which gives us some time to talk a little about transitions and cues. br/br/:)



    Originally posted by Lisa on everyone thats really am doing a "taster" class on Thursday as I have recently moved house to a brand new area and am gauging where I need to focus my going to be slightly longer than a normal class but thats so I can do a few slow and fast movements and cover a bit more just to dangle the carrot so to taking workshops with Jesse (and Philippa) I adopted the warming up in a circle not long after. It really does draw everyone together with all the eye contact and no verbal



    Originally posted by Leslie Jean-Jellybean aka: Miss Boo on a really good idea, Lisa. Diana and I offer a "ATS 101" open house type class, every so often, when we are attracting new students. We give them an hour ... and we bring books, costuming, music, and we talk about posture. Essentially, we wet their whistles. And its always done well by us. I love the idea of getting a "taste", Id take it if I was looking to take up dance!



    Originally posted by Carrie on do pretty much the same thing as FC, only without actually being as fabulous as One and Two- one hour eachbr/Warm-up--Puja--Slow moves if theres a few seconds left between Puja and end of Posturebr/Review slow moves with me leading the classbr/Learn new slow move (if that’s on the schedule, if not, then we drill slowbr/Drill in formationsbr/br/Review fast moves with me leading the classbr/Learn new fast move (same same)br/Drill in formationsbr/br/If there’s extra time, which there’s usually not, we will practice transitions in one big circle with me 3- one hour 15 minutes:br/Same beginning, only we drill a mix of what I think the class needs to work on, and what they ask to work on. br/br/The only difference in my Level 2 course from FC, is that I don’t teach Turkish Shimmy with Arms and Turn during the same week as Turkish Shimmy with ½ turn. I teach the TSWAAT in Level 3. I’m not yet skilled….Err…. short winded enough to fit it all in to one class. Something about the Turkish Shimmy takes me longer to teach. I need to work on! Xoxobr/Carrie

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