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    Originally posted by Jennifer on which payment options everyone rent space, and dont have the option to have the studio process payments for me. Students sign up for 6-week sessions. My options:br/br/ - PayPal (love)br/ - Cash/Chequebr/ - Register online, but you are only actually in the class once I receive the cheque by mail. I send them my mailing address once I receive an email that they want to pay this way. Drawback = not exactly ideal experience for the student - extra steps to email me, wait for my response, and then actually go mail the cheque; plus, if the class is almost full, and I send someone my mailing address, it could end up full by someone paying online by the time I receive the - Pay in person on the first day; again, they send me an email that theyd like to do this, but more online registrations could come in between then and the first day of class, filling up the class; bad experience that I have to tell them they are in limbo, and worse if the class fills used to just consider people registered if they said they would mail a cheque or pay on the first day, and close down registration if that many people signed up - more often than not, though, people wouldnt actually mail a cheque or show feel like I am making this too difficult. Does anyone do PayPal only? Do people suck it up and create accounts, or do they send emails asking you to make exceptions? (The majority of my new registrants do pay by paypal, but there are 2 or 3 per session that want to do cash or cheque.)



    Originally posted by Carrie on definitely do not feel like a class spot should be reserved without payment. Unless you do ALL at the door registration by Cash, Check, or an APP! Do you have a smart phone? iPhone and Android both have Apps that accept credit card payments on your app. Im seeing them more and more being used at Festivals and even Garage Sales. br/The apps Ive heard of are Interfence and SquareUp. Im sure there are a multitude of others, but I havent looked into it. I think they are the same as PayPal was under the impression that you did not have to create an account to do a PayPal payment. Do you have a PayPal link on your website, where they click and it goes to a retail screen? Thats pretty easy to do. Theres a payment button wizard in PayPal and you can insert the code into your luck love!br/



    Originally posted by Jennifer on, I have the Paypal code in my website - I just get the emails of "I am 17 and dont have a credit card yet" or "I dont like to put my credit card info online - can I send you a cheque?" so I wanted to offer that as an option for good customer service. . . .just doesnt seem to be very practical. I am thinking about going to Paypal-only, but am worried about potentially losing customers over it.



    Originally posted by Wendy on do cash and checks, and I also have a smartphone app with a card reader that allows me to take credit cards for a small fee. a href= offer drop-in, and a 6 or 12 class card.



    Originally posted by Jennifer on, for cash and cheque - do you do pre-registration, or is that for drop-in and they bring it when they arrive? It is pre-registration with cash and cheque I am struggling with. 🙁



    Originally posted by Jennifer on, re-reading that, Wendy - if you do 6 and 12 punch cards, do you max out the classes if too many people show up on the same night? Do people need to let you know that they are coming?



    Originally posted by Wendy on! So far I havent had to worry about classes being overcrowded, so no, I dont need to preregister. Even in the SF studio we dont do that. We just cut off the class at 30. Anyone who arrives late runs the risk of not being able to get in. Good motivator to get there on time. br/br/We did have an issue where we faced overcrowding when we ran a Groupon special, but Carolena used Eventbrite to set up a reservation system, and that worked pretty well.



    Originally posted by telebomb on think I was there during those groupon classes. It was crazy! Glad I got there on time... Great tip about the phone app. I was just wondering about that earlier today. Do you charge the students the fee?



    Originally posted by Wendy on, I dont. But I believe its a write-off.

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