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    Originally posted by Leigh on have heard the term club formation tossed around and was wondering what it was (ie. how/when to execute it). Or if there are any videos out there of it. Thanks!



    Originally posted by icy on use that term mainly to indicate that your space might be limited, or strictly an aisle so it means to be more fluid to whatever is available as a dance space. br/br/We have to dance in a skewed normal formation, other times it was literally a line down the aisle which is like doing a diagonal. So, I just understand it to mean "not a normal stage" set two cents



    Originally posted by Sandi on never heard the term, but I assume that Icys definition is probably what it means.



    Originally posted by Carrie on, it might be another term meaning cafe formation, which you see A LOT of in FCBD, Live DVD.



    Originally posted by icy on cafe/club, small unusual spaces formations ... *laughs*br/br/This thread has come at a most opportune time since it caused a light bulb to turn on with some of my students are begging for more dance time from me and with studio spaces limited and such, I have opened up my home studio every 2nd and 4th Thurs of the month to start with to see if there is genuine interest. Like most home studios space is limited since it normally is a spare bedroom converted of this thread, this thought path was definitely in the back of my mind, when it hit me not long before people were to arrive last have odd spaces that lead into the main portion of my home studio. A long hallway, a wide open entry area nearly the size of my studio area that had a set of stairs going up one side, etc. Now mind you the entire area is "open" so I can stand pretty much in the center of this space and see lightbuld turned on and it hit that instead of learning this "formation adjustment" on the fly when you walk into a club/restaurant etc. I have prime opportunity to teach exactly this am babbling I am sure, but I am so excited at this chance to teach them something that I am sure most all of us have had to do "in the moment" THANK YOU for making this a floating thought in my brain so I am hoping this will help my dancers grasp what it means to dance in these types of spaces and how to rein in the "over the top" movements that sometimes occur with wide open sure we can create obstacle courses in a normal studio absolutely!!! However, when there is a wall stopping you from flailing your arms around I think that might well "help"...ok admittedly a slight goofy moment here, but I am excited to put people in this position "naturally" but safely so not to freak out or smack someone sitting there. 😀



    Originally posted by icy on Paragraph...take the "How" away please sheesh...hate not being able to edit once posted. Thanks 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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