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    So when earned my GS Certification in 2008 and my TT Cert in 2009, it seemed that certifications were relatively new to belly dance.  I had to explain what it was.  Now it seems that there are alot of different certifications – some by troupes and teachers that I've never heard of before, and some by well-known, longtime instructors.  Some are online – take a few hours, I'll send you a certification that you are a certified belly dancers.  Some are based on a particular method or style.  Some require hours of in person training, some do not.  So my question is now that we are in a flood of certifications, how do we explain or talk about our certification to show it's value to us as ATS® instructors and FCBD® sister studios?  I'm hearing that now there are sister studios to other troupes under the improv style and while I'm not sure what that entails, I'm not sure how I can talk about the certification process I have gone through within the FCBD® format that will respectfully explain my credentials without looking like I'm trying to devalue anyone elses.  Any thoughts on this?  Has anyone else had any of these conversations?



    Yes, there are a lot of different certifications, now. Some people have taken certification in multiple styles. While explaining the ATS® certification process to someone who is interested in knowing how it works, I don't think you need to compare it, or bring up, other belly dance certifications for comparison, or comment.  That way, you are not negating any other style, merely giving information, which the person/s inquiring can take away and mull over, and do their own comparing with information they likely attained about the many other styles. 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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