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    Originally posted by Zina on all,br/br/In my own practices Ive found if I could steps its easier to stay with the music and put movement changes in more logical places within a song. Assuming most songs we use are 4 or 8 beats to the measure and the phrasing may change at the beginning of a new measure; using Egyptian as an example, Ive been working on cuing the 1/2 on counts 5-8, then starting the 1/2 turns on 1. Does this make sense. Anyway, my question is this...would it be considered wrong to teach this to students? I know improv is improv, but I dislike when the movements dont really match the musics phrasing. Makes me think it might seem we dont know our I can take it. :)br/br/P.S. Ive learned that if I practice it enough, I no longer have to count...dont want to be obvious. lol



    Originally posted by Jennifer on Zina - I asked a similar question not too long ago, and lots of people responded with great advice: a href= this last few weeks, I have been covering some musicality stuff in my L2 classes. We have talked about rhythms, counting, why 4 and 8 counts are important/relevant, and phrases of 32. My Tues and Thurs classes each have a song assigned to them, and they have homework to count out the songs - how many phrases of 32, when do they start and end, and there is a separate count of just 16 for a transition in each song, so they have to pick that out, too. When I drill fast moves during warm-up at the beginning of class, I have also been holding each move for 32 counts, changing it to the turn for the last 16 (16 counts reach and sit in place, 16 turning; 16 turkish shimmy in place; 16 half turns) - this is helping them to feel when they changes in the music are (for those that dont hear this naturally), and they know that we wouldnt actually hold a move for so long or dance so structured in talked about the benefits of counting (and that eventually you wont need to actually *count* while you dance, you will just hear where the changes are and be able to anticipate them), such as not having to count "1, 2, 3, . . .16" when doing your Ghawazee shimmy, instead just being able to start at the right place in the phrase that you finish when a new 32 is starting . . . among many other benefits. Some of my students get the counting really easily, some of them understand it with their bodies but not their brains yet, but I think they are all understanding why it is important and beneficial for them to learn it, so they are at least giving the lessons a chance. I think for some people, it will just take more time for it to make sense.



    Originally posted by Zina on so much, Jennifer. After I posted the realization hit that I hadnt searched to see if the question had already been asked. Ill definitely go to the to everyone for duplicating a



    Originally posted by *** Diana Lee ** on Jenifer!!br/br/Thats great information about the countig. Thank You. I tried to go to the link you posted but I think I need some kind of permission from the tribe and I cant find it. Will you post it again. :-/



    Originally posted by Sandi on need to email Carolena about getting added to that tribe. It is the ATSGSTT tribe and it is for all who have completed GS/TT, which you have already, if youre here in this tribe. Once Carolena gives the go-ahead, she will let Shay know to add you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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