Cue for descending with propellor turn?

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    Originally posted by Katarina on dvd nr 8, Carolena states "Its the same propellor as the standing turn, so youve got to let your partners know ahead of time that this time, its going to the floor." But she doesnt say how to let them know it, thence my question. I thought "ahead of time" meant "before you turn, or should it be understood as "before you start dancing". I would like to cue it somehow so that we can use it both as an ordinary turn and as a descent without discussing it beforehand. Any suggestions?



    Originally posted by Wendy on Katarina- I think it would be more efficient if you only posted your questions here, rather than both here and the FB page. Most people on the FB page are here as well, and on FB, the threads get buried with time, so all the answers you got on FB will become harder to find. 🙂



    Originally posted by Wendy on F. Galbraith Not sure about the connection between the two, but I would cue a level change before going down to the floor to do hours ago · Likebr/Joan Anderl-Schaefer You would discuss it in hours ago · Unlike · 2br/Heidi Capps-Hayden the connection is that it was taught to cue floor work from a propeller turn if I remember correctly. Katarina, you do the complete propeller turn and drop to your left knee when you return to front from the turn. Id be curious to hear other variations hours ago · Like · 1br/Lisa Thompson Im with Joan and Heidi on this one. You would discuss it before hand and its initiated by dropping to your knee when you have turned to the hours ago · Like · 1br/Katarina Klingberg Yes, the propellor is what I use to get down ho the floor, in the manner that you describe. My question is, do you decide in advance that for a certain song, youll only use it to drop, never as just a standing propellor? You dont have any sign that tells your tribemates wether youre going down or not?br/8 hours ago via mobile · Likebr/Heidi Capps-Hayden according to the video, Carolena says in so many words to let your dancers know that when the propeller is used, it will be to go to the floor. (I put the video on to ensure I was answering correctly)br/8 hours ago · Likebr/Heidi Capps-Hayden so yes, what you said is hours ago · Likebr/Rob F. Galbraith See, If I am dancing with my troupe and it is a slow song, we realize the chance is there for floorwork. If we SPECIFICALLY want to do major floorwork we discuss so some of us can put kneepads on or do extra for basic stuff, we assume it could happen with any slow said... From the propellor turn, we finish our turn and then give the level change cue, which is to go up on our toes and then descend. That is how they know which one we are doing. If I dont go up on my toes, it is just a good ole Propellor hours ago · Like · 3br/Sandi Ball Floorwork is always discussed for reasons that Rob explains re: stretching, knee pads, etc. But we dont cue for a level. We go to the floor after the Propeller Turn because we already know were doing floorwork and its more dramatic that way. If you just want to do a fake-out drop to the knee, but come back up, I would discuss that too so you would know whether to put weight on the knee for floorwork or keep engaged to pull yourself back hours ago · Unlike · 5br/Katarina Klingberg Heidi, In my dvd, Carolena says "Its the same propellor as the standing turn, so youve got to let your partners know ahead of time that this time, its going to the floor." But she doesnt say how to let them know it, thence my question. I thought "ahead of time" meant "before you turn, but it seems most of you reads it as "before you start dancing". I would like to cue it somehow so that we can use it both as an ordinary turn and as a descent but it seems my tribe needs to make something up by ourselves. Thankyou all for your minutes ago via mobile · Likebr/Sandi Ball Well, if no one is expecting floorwork before the performance, there may be a case of not being specifically stretched enough and no knee pads. Or even, over exerting oneself before you get to that point, not only physically, but mentally during the performance. So, you really should discuss it before you go onstage. Going down for floorwork without forewarning and without proper prep can cause injury. I can tell you, if Im dancing with you and you go down for floorwork without telling me ahead of time, I will back off into the chorus or do whatever youre doing, but in a standing position. Its just not fair to your followers and its not a competition. If your group wants to devise a cue for it and you are always ready for floorwork, then thats up to your minutes ago · Unlike · 2br/Wendy Allen yep. ALWAYS discuss floorwork ahead of minutes ago · Like



    Originally posted by Maia on is the ATSGSTT Facebook page?



    Originally posted by Tonje on a Sister Studio Facebook page. I dont think there is one for ATSGSTT.



    Originally posted by Nancy Young on, nice workaround, Wendy, for preserving FB discussions -- just copy the suckers over here to Tribe! Still, its a shame youre having to add yet another chore to your discussion-monitoring duties. As if you and Sandi didnt already have enough cats to herd. Sometimes I wish the FB group hadnt sprung up.



    Originally posted by Madonna DrumDance on do I join the Sister Studio Facebook page?



    Originally posted by Wendy on hey? Anyone else want to take that on? 😀



    Originally posted by Jennifer on, for one, appreciate this Tribe and its threads. Topics that are discussed can be aired, and I appreciate that Wendy and Sandi give such good and authoritative feedback. I also appreciate the time and effort they have taken to provide that feedback, because I know that the best and most informative answer will be given to whatever knotty questions arise. Kudos to Wendy and Sandi, and thanks!



    Originally posted by Erika on couldnt agree more! This place is precious. Thanks!



    Originally posted by Valizan on, if you know someone who is already in there and is your friend on FB, get them to invite you and one of the moderators will approve you in. br/br/Id do it myself, but I dont believe we are friends on find me on FB (Rob F. Galbraith) and well figure something out.



    Originally posted by Kathleen on is my first time looking at the tribe discussion. The troupe I am in usually discuss it in advance when we have a slow section of a song where we think it would look good. We discuss the propeller turn in advance (prior to performing) only if we are going to do floor work and if we are going to lunge forward to go down, but then get back up. Those two the Miami Bellydance Convention in 2011, we had discussed doing the propeller turn going down to do floorwork in dueling duets in advance. The video is posted...troupe name is Melodic you enjoy! Looking forward to checking out this tribe discussion going forward. Yip !!

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