Cue for the Arabic Hip Twist?

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    Is there a specific cue for the Arabic Hip Twist?  A former member of our group (which has been learning mainly from videos up until now) taught us that the move starts with Arabic Basic with raised arms, and then the arms are brought down for 2 counts, starting the hip twist on the third count.  However, we think we have seen dancers go straight into Arabic Hip Twist without doing the Basic Arabic with raised arms first.  Can anyone clarify?  Thanks!



    I know you had some thoughtful comments about this on FaceBook. Whether or not you choose to do Basic Arabic first, you'd still transition into AHT like any other move.  There's no set count to get into it like the Arabic 123's.  I was never taught to do Arabic first, although it is quite complimentary.  I do sometimes go into it from Arabic, but not as a hard rule.



    I wasn't taught that the Arabic Hip Twist had a particular cue or had to start with an Arabic set up.  I generally find myself doing a couple of Arabics before I go into the Arabic Hip Twist but that is mainly for an easy transition during improv.  In the DVD I do not hear Carolena state any particular set up either.  However after I rewatched that part I did see her take the Arabic Hip Twist around herself in what looks like could be quarter turns or just a a circle which I don't remember seeing before. 



    Thanks for the responses!  🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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