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    Originally posted by SOOZ on I wasnt sure where to post this so Im posting it here.....FCBDs performance at Cues & Tattoos 2011 was off da hook!!! Mainly that opening!!! Now, what I want to know is....the obvious....was that choreographed? Could any of it become, possibly down the pike, a combo ala the Ghawazee Shimmy? In the grand scheme of things according to ATS, for an event that needs that extra "oomph"?



    Originally posted by Sandi on, it was choreographed. We had presented that piece at last years Devotion and thought wed take advantage of a large stage to perform it on and also get full view video footage of it. Its great to see it in all its layered glory! br/br/Choreography is great for large stage shows. Taking advantage of a big space with interesting transitions and formations is a great way to showcase and bring out your creative ideas. We always keep sightlines in mind when choreographing, though. So in case something goes awry, we can fall back on improv, our safety net! :}



    Originally posted by SOOZ on thank goodness! I the heck do you cue that!??! It was awesome! So in terms of ATS and choreography....which we dont really do....i usually call it "staging"...thats a theatre term meaning blocking, where does so and so go at what time, etc. In theatre, that means, like in a straight play with no music, your "blocking"...where do you stand for this scene, this line, where do you need to end up, where do you enter, where do you exit, where do you need to be by "this" line, etc. Even in straight plays, as we call them, such as "Death of a Salesman"...there is "choreography" so to that line of what does it take to be a good actor: "Know your lines and avoid the furniture." Thank you Sandi for enlightening me! It was an awesome performance!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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