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    Hi everyone,We are working on customizable marketing materials for Sister Studios.  We hope to have business cards for just a start.  Is there anything that you would like that FCBD® already produced in a format you could customize?  Is there anything that you would use or wish you had with the SS logo on it?All suggestions are welcome!Thanks. Terri



    Post cards are great and I love the ATS® Zill instruction cards.  I would like a “Sister Studio” logo as opposed to the ATS® Teacher Certified if possible.  My understanding is that you can be a Certified Teacher but not have Sister Studio status.  So I think a logo and materials that state “Sister Studio” would be a great marketing tool for us.  🙂



    What Raven said… or even something that combined both elementsFCBD® ATS® Teacher Certified ~ Sister StudioEven something on the new logo.. such as:




    Sister Studio



    I would love a flyer template and maybe even some images that could be used while I build up a portfolio of my own? This my may be out of the scope of what you can offer but it would be of use to me!



    Yes, I would definitely love Sister Studio cards.



    I agree with all of the above.  😉



    As an Irish gal I find the postage costs really unaffordable for me, I know this is no ones fault, just down to geography! But what I would love is to be able to pay a small fee to download a JPEG of the ATS and zill cards so that I can have them printed locally, that way I can support the Mothership and also support local businesses near me 🙂 Also if the same thing could apply to the image for SS T shirt (or any of them in fact), if I could purchase the image via FCBD and then get t-shirts printed up locally I would really appreciate that 🙂



    Lindsay,That is a really interesting idea.  Let me run it by Carolena to see what she thinks.  I will get back to you (and everyone) soon.  Terri



    I was also pondering *Intro Blurbs* for performances.  That little sheet you have to give the announcer….. a few effective, dynamic ones from which to choose would be great.  Preferably rubber-stamped by Carolena… so there is some continuity.  Just a thought 🙂



    Something I mentioned in the SS survey was the class format cards.  I have the class format listed on my website and students are easily directed to, but it would be nice for them to have something to carry in their dance bag or notebook.And I'm with Lindsey!  Something downloadable would be ideal.  It's $38 for me to buy an  OG patch from the FC store (I live in the US).  As much as I want to support Carolena and her business, that just isn't feasible. 



    Hi Terri, Probably doesn't fall in the marketing category but a standard template for class punch cards would be great.  



    Thanks everyone for your great ideas!  Terri



    I am interested in all the marketing things 🙂 I need to get new business cards so this is my first 'need.'



    I'm with Lindsay! This would be so helpful for us in Europe. And I'm interested in every marketing stuff as the only one SS in my country  8) I would promote all the fcbd related things. How would the business card “work”? Will you make the design and we can arrange the printing in our country?



    Just to let every one know… the new SS logo, although translucent for the most part… does have some white spots inside some letters when placed upon a darker background, as I just found out. You can see it in the attached business card proof.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)

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