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    hi sisters and brothers,i need your advice.in my area are not many people interested in ats®/tribal/ot at all. i'm having 7 women in one class. yes, that should be okay. but (!) 2 of them are really advanced, 2 are dancing ats® for about 2 years, but "just for fun" (only dancing at class, no practicing at home at all), 2 are absolute ats®-beginners and one women is new in my class but is dancing a local form of tribal....it's a kind of public school i'm teaching at and so i don't have the choice to make more classes.so!how make all of them happy in class? i don't want to make it "boring" for my advanced (yesterday i had a complainment from one woman) and not to heavy for my beginners...please! help me in my ats®-outback!



    I'm in the same boat at the moment. It's certainly not ideal. I impress upon the more advanced dancers that they must maintain posture, arm position, quality movement and perhaps play Zils. Also ask them to lead often. Break the class into groups and I give individual attention to beginners while experienced drill together.  We all come together to drill and work up a sweat (everyone benefits from that!) Tribal circle and pass the lead to the experienced while facing in. Go into chorus (with beginners firmly ensconsed in chorus), experienced duet/trio in centre.I think ATS actually has many options for multi levels but every group dynamic is different and it is a challenge for the teacher. Good luck!



    I agree with using the advanced dancers in class.  That is, if you can make it happen so they are not “co-teaching” the class, but just helping you demonstrate and/or lead in small groups.  Occasionally, if I have an advanced dancer in class, it allows me to let them lead the class with a drill so I can walk around and correct the newbies.  As for breakdowns, I'd say it's really hard to keep the advanced dancers advancing, when there are beginners who need the basics.  When I'm breaking down moves, I can, at least, address basic details to the newbies and then address finer details of the same move to the advanced dancers.  For example, taxeem to newbies = weight shift, side to side, up and down, etc.  Taxeem to advanced = focus on the obliques of one side and the release of the opposite side to get a nice roundness and curl to the movement, smooth it out and take your time.  Everyone benefits.  How are the advanced dancers getting higher level move breakdowns now?



    I'm also facing a similar situation, and yeah, it's quite a challenge to keep everyone happy. I do it basically in the ways that Madonna and Sandi describe. I often break my class into groups and give them different things to work on, like when the beginners work on Taxeem I tell the advanced to combine their Taxeems with levels, or when I have the beginners drill transitions between Taxeem and Bodywave, the advanced are told to add a Barrel Turn for example. Or I teach moves to the advanced while the beginners drill zills. The trickiest part is to keep one group happy and occupied while I explain something else to the others.Sometimes we drill altogether, and then I preferably put the advanced in the back corners, so they have to lead during the turns, like in Circle Step or Torso Twist. Also we often change the lead then, and I have them lead (which is good for me, too, because I have more practice with leading than with following). And yes, dancing with front group and chorus is also very helpful when different levels dance together, with the advanced students in front and the beginners in the chorus (mostly anyway - if not, the advanced have to learn being considerate  😉 ). It helps them feel as one group still, despite the level differences.  🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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