Egyptian Sevillana duet pass

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    Hi, we´ve been practising the duet pass for Sevillana in our last class with the troupe and found out, that we could pass each other easier if we aimed with our right hand behind our partner and to her left hip /or buttock (rather than to the front of her right hip which I think is the way described in the dvd). I also once learned in a workshop but that was like a year ago and I don´t really remember what trick was shown there to pass each other comfortably enough. I know movements develop and there also might have been a slight change to this one (or not :-D).What is considered the correct way to pass each other? Just to clarify the difference between the dvd and what we tried - it seems that if you use the way from the dvd, you´re more or less passing while facing your partner. The way we happened to find ourselves doing was more like passing back to back. We started pretty close to each other, took a long step on count six and wrapped our torsos around a little bit like in a Sahra Turn duet pass. If you know of a video with this step, could you please share it? Thank you for your views.



    Lenka, do you have a video clip of what you tried?  I'd like to see how it looks!  Sounds interesting.  I think the point of the original pass is to create a vision of compressing and releasing/closing and opening, by coming close to your partner then pulling apart.  Does the back-to-back version do that as well?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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