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    Originally posted by katie on everyone,br/br/I took Devi Mamaks new ATS moves workshop at FCBD this summer. For some reason I wrote notes on cue cards instead of in a notebook, and I lost my notes on the Egyptian Sevillana. Could someone who knows this (yes, I know the new DVD is coming out in a few months....) help me out? I confess that Ive been so busy Im just now really getting into learning these new moves, and the Egyptian Sevillana completely escapes my!



    Originally posted by Ziva on learnt this move from Devi in a couple of workshops and heres how I think of it:br/Counts 1-3: as for Egyptian basicbr/4: step slightly back on flat L foot, bringing arms down to Lbr/5: keeping the weight on the flat L foot, mark the count with the ball of the R foot. Hands arrive at L hip (like the arms at the start of a Sahra turn)br/6: Step onto flat R foot, bringing R hand up across the front like youre holding a plate (again similar to Sahra turn). Start turning clockwisebr/7: step around onto L foot, continuing clockwise turn. L arm starts to come upbr/8. Complete turn with both arms coming overhead. Weight still on L, mark the count with the ball of the R foot so youre reading to use it for the first count of the next that helps jog your memory!



    Originally posted by katie on Ziva,br/br/That is super clear-- and yes, it jives with my fuzzy memory. br/If you would be interested in comparing notes on other new Ghawazi Caravan moves (sounds like youve studied with them more than once....I only got the flash 2-hr course and not all of it sunk in....) let me know at I very much appreciate your



    Originally posted by Carrie on a little ATS fast move footing steps RLRL on counts 1234 with a couple of exceptions (actually I think only the Double Back but at least it still starts on the R and ends on the L). Is this move one of those exceptions? br/I see in the description that the Right foot holds on count 5 and steps on count 6? Again holds on count 8 and steps again and count 1? Starting the move over again?br/If so, I learned this move all wrong. I thought that you step around yourself clockwise stepping RLRL on 5678?br/Or am I interpreting it wrong?br/br/Thanks!br/Carrie



    Originally posted by Sandi on, I think this is an exception. Its taken from the flamenco sevillana which accents on different counts. The "5" has the right foot meeting the left, but weight isnt put into it until you step around on "6". Pivoting also happens on the right on "7" and lands on "8". I think. Thats how its making sense to me right now. Vol 9 will hopefully clear things up.



    Originally posted by Carrie on! Thanks!



    Originally posted by SOOZ on! I remember when my old troupe, Devadasi, created a move exactly like this one back in 2004/2005, even have video documentation and won a Competition with this move..... we were tribal fusion and were just having fun..... creating..... Im glad that Im able to do this move now officially...Ive missed it....



    Originally posted by Sara on did a two day workshop with Jen McDonald here in L.A. and I believe she did Devis training at FCBD studio. Here is how I understand it, hope I can explain this right in text form!br/br/1-2-3- like straight Egyptianbr/4 - step back with L foot behind R footbr/5 - bring arms down to left hip (like in the Sahra turn)br/6 - R arm begins to sweep up overhead holding the platter (like in the Sahra) as you start to turn clockwisebr/7-8- Continue turning clockwise and the L arm raises up overhead to meet the R arm ending on you start the Egyptian again on 1, you will continue the Egyptian Sevillana until cued out, similar to when you do the Egyptian Half Turn until you are cued out. br/br/Not sure if that helps, hope so! br/br/I understand it as the 6-7-8 is the turn clockwise.



    Originally posted by Sara on said, Sandi. That makes sense to me.

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