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    Hi All,We are fighting the spam bandits like mad over here. It would be really helpful if you would go into your account profiles and change your user name to your real name, if it isn't already. We'd appreciate it if you'd use the format of FirstnameLastname; like CarolenaNericcio. I have to delete accounts and posts when the name looks like Spambanditbuyviagra.Thanks!



    Done!I feel your pain Carolena!We're always getting users trying to sell Ugg Boots and Gucci bags on our forum. And we have 167 spaces! Goood luck!!



    Help! I can change my display name from Louisa to Louisa Ip, but I couldn't change my username to LouisaIp. I looked for it under the Profile/Account Setting option but the username section is grayed out. Do I need to delete my account and make another one? Sorry!



    Don't worry, Louisa!  You changed where it counts.  As long as we can recognize you as a human being, we won't think you're a spambot.    😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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