Evolution of ATS Costuming

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    Originally posted by Joan Marie on tribe.net.Hey all,br/br/I am doing an article for fuse magazine on ATS costuming, past and present. I have some really good information and will be touching base with Carolena, but I would like your take on how you have seen it evolve over time and the reasons behind it. For example, the turban was once a key element of the costume, now it is seen rarely, why is that? Dont forget jewelry.br/br/As I understand it, today the main elements of the costume are a minimum of the following: 10 yard black skirt, open back choli, head dress of some sort, pantaloons, hip scarf. All other elements are like to have but not must have.br/br/I am interested in any and all thoughts on this topic.br/br/Thanks! Joan



    Originally posted by Erika on tribe.net.Hi Joan,br/I love those turbans. I consider them part of a "high uniform". But I use it rarely. br/br/ I always liked their solem, rich, mysterious beauty. I like the demanding, time consuming process of starting from scarves and pins and finishing up with a glorious, unique turban you assembed with your hands. But in time I felt the weight of the difficulties that having to wear them involves.br/ They tend to loosen up after a while we were dancing. They would tilt under the weight of a pendant, or start to threaten to slide down and cover our eyes like a tribal Sorting Hat. We worried of them falling off our heads while doing bodywaves or torsotwists, till the point I found myself deciding weather to do a certain move according to the situation of the turban of my partner.br/br/It may have been like that for us because we did very long and/or repeated sets, often outdoor. If you fit a turban properly and just do a few songs youll be fine. But in our case, turbans seemed to make us more prone to accidents, and we would spend a good chunk of performing time thinking about turbans rather than focus, relax and enjoy the moment. br/br/We also felt like, between a set and the other, we had this worry of having to quikly redo the turbans. We could have changed costume instead, grab a sip of water of try to find a toilet, but the turbans fix-up was a must. At times, we felt really hot with them on our heads. The pendants could get so hot to burn your fingers. And other times, expecially dancing outdoor, I missed feeling the wind, the mist, the moon or the sun around my head.br/Also, some people like turbans on others but dont really like how they look with a turban on. To some wearing them feels flattering, to many other feels like it makes their feature look harder, or anyway they dont think they look beautiful wearing them. Thats another factor that made difficoult having them as mandatory.br/br/Turbans have their own strong charming flavour, but as an only choice they can feel limiting. When, many years ago, I noticed FC was using often flowers rather than turbans, it felt exciting. So many possibilities were opening up! Its a joy to be able to use lots of colorful flowers instead, and other stunning silver Indian headdresses, and Miao hair pins and combs, or russian painted clasps, indian silk scarves, or ferns from my garden and so much more. We can now change our headdress according to the flavour of the music of the set! And if we miss the turbans, they are there for us to wear till we drop. br/The headdress needs to be rich and in harmony with the rest of the costume. Once the guidelines are understood, we have a wide choice of expressing ourselves, and I think thats great.br/br/ Jewellery didnt change much in time for me, I still like the same kind of large old silver bracelets and cuffs, Kuchi, Tuareg, Indian and Tribal art&craft in general. I also always liked ornaments made of natural materials like wood, seeds, fresh flowers, feathers, crysthals, leaves and so on.br/br/Erika



    Originally posted by Lucy on tribe.net.How cool; thanks for sharing this -



    Originally posted by Leslie Jean-Jellybean aka: Miss Boo on tribe.net.I love turbans. The problem I have with them though is I that I simply cannot wear them when its warm out -- and for me, its almost always too warm. Hair gardens are much cooler, and dont trap body heat the way turbans do. br/br/But I think the turban is almost the ultimate symbol of the classic ATS costume. And they are still worn by many ATS dancers.



    Originally posted by Tonje on tribe.net.We used to wear turbans but ran into all the same problems everyone else has mentioned. br/br/But we still occasionally pull out headwraps/half turbans- they are easier, cooler and still provide a place to hang more stuff 🙂

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