Exact set-up for reverse turns

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    Originally posted by katie on tribe.net.Hi all, br/br/I will be posting a bunch of nitpicky questions in the near future as Im really trying to refine and clarify stuff as I am going for TT in September, and am also trying to convey Correctitude to our troupe and our teen mentorship group. br/I hope I dont drive you all crazy with these questions.br/br/Reverse turn set-up: br/br/I learned in 2 GSs and from DVDs, and have been doing it this way: Both arms have to come overhead, then right drops down behind right hip for cue to reverse turn. I even have in my notes Carolena saying to create the "lightbulb" of both hands coming together overhead as a prerequisite for this and the propellor / corkscrew turns. br/br/However, I noticed that it often looks more fluid and elegant when the arms separate directly from chest height, depending on previous move, - ie left arm goes up, right arm goes down with gaze to right hip, without first going to the both-arms-overhead-position. Is there any hard and fast rule here? br/br/br/



    Originally posted by Sandi on tribe.net.Part of the reasoning for the arms going up overhead is to tell your follow dancers that the next move will either be a Reverse Turn or setups for the Corkscrew & Propeller Turns. The problem with not setting it up is that it sometimes gets mistaken for the Camel Walk, since the same arm plunges down (in slightly different places). br/br/The other reason is, this is meant to be a linear-, vertical-looking movement. It is contained around the center. It brings variety and structure to an otherwise fluid, side-to-side, undulating set of moves. As does the other turns mentioned above.br/br/So, the arms going overhead is part of the move. The Floreo that gets them there is counted in the amount of Floreos in the movement.



    Originally posted by Durrah on tribe.net.The Floreo that gets them there is counted in the amount of Floreos in the movement. br/br/How many Floreos are in the Reverse Turn? I cant find anywhere Ive written this down. Thanks, Sandi 🙂



    Originally posted by MissTrixsta on tribe.net.There are 5 floreos in total! Theres a great breakdown of this move on Vol. 7.



    Originally posted by katie on tribe.net.Thanks Sandi,br/br/Thats what I suspected. And it makes sense re: possible Camel Walk confusion. I realize that the most recent time I saw the Reverse Turn being used in the non-FCBD way (arms splitting from middle) was in a choreography. It looked really nice and it was what prompted this post, but obviously cues / improv were not an issue there.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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