Fades from Diagonal Formation?

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    Originally posted by katie on tribe.net.We usually dance as 4 (our full troupe number) but the other day we were 3. We set up in diagonal, which we love but rarely end up doing due to our four-ness, then in the middle of a piece without really thinking about it cued some fading moves. It felt awkward, and without the symmetry of two back - two forward we wondered if it even works. What do you think? Fades from diagonal formation?



    Originally posted by Mary on tribe.net.I dont know the official answer on this, but if the lead fades back and the third person fades to lead its going to be even harder for the former lead to see them without flattening out completely - at the very least - and maybe even having to turn slightly to the right. If the lead fades back and the middle person pulls forward to make it look like a triangle then it might look a little random...?br/br/That was a pretty unhelpful comment, but Im tired. Im interested in comments from more informed persons, as well! 🙂



    Originally posted by Valizan on tribe.net.With practice, it could be fun to use this to change the dynamic even further.br/br/So you have a diagonal. br/Leader steps back.br/The number three person in the back stays in place.br/The number two person moves slightly forward to give the impression of moving.br/You now have a reversed triangle. br/A turning move keeps it amusing.br/Number two now fades backward, one and three fade forward. You are back to a regular trio formation.



    Originally posted by Mary on tribe.net.Oooooo...thats clever!! I like the second fade back to the standard trio....nice!



    Originally posted by Carrie on tribe.net.I understand, Katie, that when you are practicing in your troupe that its easier to dance with four, so that everyone is included... but....br/I think you might still want to consistently practice going in and out of 3s and 2s etc for a bit of the rehearsal. I have a 6 person troupe, and sometimes not all of us are at the performance. If we only have 4 and we still need to switch up formation #s, Im the first one to volunteer to step back and play zils for the 3 person formation. I love it. br/br/But back to your questions~ 😉 I think technically when someone steps into the lead position, its a good rule of thumb for that person to see who is with them, and in what formation that you dont have to worry about fading a diagonal. But, if it did happen, I think Vals suggestion would make it look the most natural and purposeful.



    Originally posted by Carrie on tribe.net.CORRECTIONbr/br/"its a good rule of thumb for that person to (insert) do a turning move to (end insert) see who is with them..."br/br/Thats what I get for posting pre-coffee.



    Originally posted by Wendy on tribe.net.In FC, we often have gigs where only 3 or 4 will be dancing. We switch it up a LOT. Duets, trios, quartets, dueling duets if we have 4. br/It makes the set a more interesting if you vary the number of people dancing to each song. Check out the vids on our youtube channel to see how we do it. a href=http://www.youtube.com/user/FatChanceBellyDance title=www.youtube.com/user/FatChanceBellyDancewww.youtube.com/user/FatChanceBellyDance/a



    Originally posted by katie on tribe.net.br/What I got from this thread was: instead of the narrow question of whether or not to fade a diagonal, the bigger and more interesting one about how to switch it all up a lot more.br/br/Thanks, everyone.



    Originally posted by Wendy on tribe.net.oh, sorry. got sidetracked. fading from a diagonal is not a great idea. Although, Valz way does sound cool, but its probably something Id discuss beforehand.

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