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    Originally posted by SOOZ on tribe.net.hey..ive always been curious....I know how I run my troupe rehearsals, but ive always wondered how yall run yours. Do you sign contracts? Are rehearsals every week no matter what? What do you drill? Do you pay dues? how is a typical rehearsal run? how long? How do you deal with a "problematic" member.....in a group or one on one with the director? Thank you in advance!



    Originally posted by Sandi on tribe.net.No contracts.br/Rehearsals are scheduled for every Monday night, unless we have gigs on Sunday/all weekend or weve been out of town or too many are not available. But we make Monday nights a priority. br/We work on whatever we want - new moves, upcoming gig prep, choosing sets, creating combos, etc.br/No dues.br/We usually dance for an hour and have talk for an hour, if needed. Theres no real set structure besides that.br/Rehearsals are 2 hours long.br/If we have problems with each other, we try to take care of it on our own. If that doesnt work, we take it to Carolena. If that doesnt work, we take it to mediation.br/br/The thing about FCBD is, were all here because we want to be. No one has to tell us or make us do anything. We are all part of a team, understand our roles and are committed to them.



    Originally posted by SOOZ on tribe.net.WOW! Thanks for this intimate look into FCBD Sandi! A very useful template for sure! xoxo



    Originally posted by Lucy on tribe.net.Im so thankful for this forum! Sharing these questions and answers is so helpful to all of us 🙂



    Originally posted by icy on tribe.net.Thank you Sandi...wow....wow...I am thrilled you shared. I have to admit this was the direction I was and am moving towards when the "day comes" and even with the Adv Student troupe...so this just validated what I was feeling regarding this type of information. :)br/Thank you again!



    Originally posted by Sarah H on tribe.net.wow!!! thanks so much for posting!!!! =-) great, valuable information!



    Originally posted by Zina on tribe.net."Like"



    Originally posted by Cyndi Cyreigna on tribe.net.Thankyou for sharing this with us Sandi.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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