Feeding in from the chorus?

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    Originally posted by Deb on tribe.net.What is the best way to feed dancers into the feature group from the chorus line? I remember Carolena numbered us off in GS, but she was working with a very large group (20+). My troupe has been too small to have a chorus so it hasnt come up since our pre-FCBD days. Back then, we used a simple eye contact method - the lead dancer in the feature would start a turn rotation as she made direct eye contact with the chorus lead letting her know it was OK to feed in. Then one or two of the features would fall into the chorus at the end of the line, and the entire chorus would shift over. This worked for us (mostly), but is there a more precise method or rule we should follow?



    Originally posted by Sandi on tribe.net.During a performance, you would generally know who was dancing in which song, so it wouldnt be an issue of someone jumping in. But, eye contact is still key when the feature group wants to add a person in (if its planned, like a "pick-up" situation - adding dancers to the feature group - duet to trio to quartet or any combo of that kind). This would happen while the feature group is circling in an easy traveling move. Their eye contact would break from looking at each other to towards the chorus to indicate to join in the circle.



    Originally posted by Deb on tribe.net.So should it always be decided beforehand who will be added in from the chorus during a rotation, or can it be spontaneous? And is it OK for a feature dancer to fall back into the chorus before the song is over?



    Originally posted by Sandi on tribe.net.If you can make it work, it can be spontaneous, but you dont want to waste too much time trying to wrangle someone to add in. It should be that they are ready to come out as soon as you look at them and open up the circle.br/br/It is okay for a feature dancer to go back to the chorus after making eye contact with everyone so they know. You wouldnt have a person just leave a forward-facing formation. Its awkward for the dancers and awkward for the audience.



    Originally posted by Sandi on tribe.net.So, you could do a series of circling pick-ups and drop-offs within a presentation. It gives a feeling of playfulness. Any other add/subtraction transitions would need to be discussed ahead of time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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