Filming for Skype Lessons and Video Critique

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    Hi Ladies!I've been searching all through the forums to see if this topic has been discussed, and can't seem to find it anywhere.  I do apologize if it's in there somewhere, and would appreciate a link to the original thread.My question is this:In your experiences, which has been your best set up for Skype lessons and/or filming for video critique?I'm finding the quality is terrible using just my laptop (mac) camera and want something of better quality, especially for uploading videos to YouTube for private video critique.  Do any of you have tried and true equipment or methods you use?  I have quite a small dance space, so am going to attempt to use my GoPro to get that wide angle effect.  I want to be able to have everything shown from head to toe.  I'll report my findings, but would appreciate any feedback at all from the community.Thanks!



    Hi Tiffany,Do you have a smartphone, like an iPhone or Android phone?  If yes, have you tried using that with a simple stand to hold it in place while you dance?  In the FCBD student troupes here in San Francisco, we often take video using our phones and the quality turns out pretty good.I would suggest trying that or getting another simple video recording device with a stand.  Good luck, and let us know of your findings!~ Kelsey

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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