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    Hi All,Please visit my blog for the most recent [fireside chat], this one's a doozy; a new category for ATS® movements!http://fcbdblog.blogspot.com/Also; in the future I'll be posting all general Forum posts to just the ATS® Forum. It's become redundant to manage the same post in all the different Forums.Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.



    Great blog! 🙂I like the idea of keeping ATS® simple. We already have a VAST vocabulary that always has room for polishing. I love being able to communicate without having to pull someone aside and break down a new 'dialect'. I guess I just believe that if one's plate is full, there is no need to add MORE until you've finished. I'm still excited to see how ATS will evolve and if dancers will stray from Classic and Improv all together.I wonder if this opens the flood gates for ITS to now be considered 'ATS®'...? 😮



    Love the blog!  I guess one thing that I truly love about ATS(TM) is the clear boundaries, and how the “rules” really make sense and allow for a seamless performance whether it's with those you know well or just met, provided all are proficient in the format.  The other super cool aspect is the room for creativity WITHIN those boundaries.  Much like an artist who hones their skill in painting, and uses their study to create beautiful art is akin to what ATS(TM) to me and many others.  The beauty is in the simplicity of the format, which allows for true connection and flow within and amongst dancers, I am concerned this will be lost with an influx of “alternative” dialects, which I was under the impression already covered in the ITS category.  Also, where will the line be drawn regarding what is introduced?  Will there be hip bump on the right AND LEFT?  Will bedlah be considered acceptable costuming?  It may sound extreme, but it seems to be a slippery slope – and I shudder at the thought of ATS(TM) morphing into what's already available out there in the “other than” ATS (TM) community.



    Great post!!! My troupe has a host of moves that are our own, but we'd never throw those moves on dancers outside of our troupe. When we're dancing ATS®, we dance ATS® period. Our Dialect is to use for our own choreos or Improv performances that call for different movements outside of ATS® and we don't call them ATS® and in our performances we say so, are dressed differently from traditional ATS® garb and use non-ATS music. I do like what Mama C is saying though. Don't call it ATS® if it's NOT ATS® point blank and simple. :shrug:I don't get why some dancers would want to throw movements that aren't ATS® when jamming or performing with dancers outside of their troupe that speak that specific dialect. That just leads to confusion. I know several dancers (myself included) that dance a few styles (I've taken workshops with Unmata, Black Sheep BD, etc) and i "speak" those Languages, but much like English is English, and Spanish is Spanish  and I'm not going to change it. Speaking Spanglish is just going to confuse everyone and I don't want to do that. So ATS® is ATS®, Dance it accordingly. I will be submitting a video for review, as I do feel some of our moves fit in and I hope pass the ATS® filter. We joke that Tribu Na'al Gonah's language may someday be on FCBD's vol. 13 or something... we can hope. 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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