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    Originally posted by MissTrixsta on tribe.net.Hi Everyone,br/br/I hope you are well. Just wondering a few things about Floorwork:br/br/When passing with the Berber walk do you usually pass to the right or left of the dancers facing you?br/br/Do you have any advice for dancers who battle with the Berber work due to high arches and/or problems with their toes? br/br/Can you recommend any strengthening exercises useful for the Zipper for dancers who are not able to do the Floorwork sit up exercise? br/ br/Thanks in advance!br/br/Philippa



    Originally posted by Brandi Mc on tribe.net.These are great questions! I would like to know more as well.br/I personally am striving to get the zipper, but seem to be physically unable to do the Floorwork sit up.



    Originally posted by Carolena Nericcio on tribe.net.Great questions everyone! Ill try to be more available for answers (to everything).br/As for floorwork; it doesnt matter which side you pass on, high arches are usually amended with a foot covering like a shoe or arch cushiony-thing, toes are trickier. Try really extending the lunge so it is controlled more by the hips than the feet, if that makes sense. Use the back foot to push off as much as the front foot to pull.br/Strengthening for the Zipper..anything to strengthen the quads, period. The floorwork sit up is the best because it hits all the spots, but any leg strengtheners are going to help.



    Originally posted by MissTrixsta on tribe.net.Thanks for the tips Carolena!br/

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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