Folkloric moves

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    Originally posted by Brandi Mc on moves are considered folkloric moves?



    Originally posted by Sandi on have an incomplete list, but the short answer I have time for right now is, the basic moves are great for dancing to folkloric songs. There are some modern moves that will work, but too much swirly, swishiness will not work - like the Arabic Hiptwist. That being said, as far as our usage goes, it has to look good with the music. If it looks modern, it wont fit, if it looks old, itll fit. :}



    Originally posted by Wendy on is reposted from the ATS tribe: br/br/1. In the context of ATS Folkloric = the moves LOOK folkloric, but are not authentically folkloric. We are not out to be the folkloric police, nor have we ever claimed to BE folkloric. br/br/2. Folkloric moves = more simple moves, Modern moves = more swirly, more complex moves. br/br/And it is really only important if you want to create a more folkloric feel to a set, or to one piece in a set. in that case, youd want to pair the folkloric looking movements with folkloric music, leave the more modern moves out and have that influence more in the costuming as well. If you dont care one way or another, then it doesnt matter. br/br/So, below is a list of folkloric looking moves. This is not open for debate, this is just for your information: br/br/Egyptian Basic br/Arabic br/Pivot Bump br/Shimmy (esp. Ghawazee combo) br/Circle Step br/Turkish Shimmy (TSWAAT is considered modern) br/Reach & Sit br/Up2Down3 br/Double Bump/Single Bump br/Ribcage Rotation br/Head Slide br/Arabic Shimmy (ASWAAT is considered Modern) br/Shoulder Shimmy/ Hip Drop br/ReShamka br/Chico Four Corners br/Wet Dog.



    Originally posted by Brandi Mc on great, thanks!br/Do you think Arabic 123 could fit in there as well?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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