Formations and the vareties within?

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    Originally posted by icy on, I am going to try to keep this "question" simple. *note word try*br/br/There are duets, trios, quartets for the dancer "count" formations forward facing towards audience in dance angle. (Count referring to two, three, and four dancers)br/br/Formation changes within these can be as follows???? (Correct if wrong please)br/*Facing each other in duets and trios (third person in a trio faces audience forward - while the other two, like in a duet, directly face each other)br/*Circling - all formation sizes for changing leads if desiresbr/*Diagonals - trios, what about quartet...cant recall if can be done or just preference in trios for visibility purposesbr/*Fading - trios/quartets which puts leader in middle if trio and second position when quartet. Lead change or*Push Back - the whole dance group moves together backwards and returns to original position but no lead changebr/br/What in trios...okay to do (those facing each other if agreed upon beforehand can do a pass, middle person stays in place)?br/Flame formation? trio, center person is brought forward via a fade or agreed ahead to move forward between facing duet that are "chorusing" the mini solo? or can turn into a regular fade at some point after tiny solo spot?br/br/I know there are a couple more I was trying to remember, but I wanted to check if these were correct and being used...thanks so much. 🙂



    Originally posted by Carrie on, I dont use any of the fancy trio stuff that you mentioned outside of fading and diagonal. It all sounds like it would have to be choreographed. br/A trio has all the same rights as a quartet with the exception that they can be a a quartets exception is that it can be a dueling duet (agreed upon before hand, but not choreographed moves).br/br/Ive never been taught or done the passing in trio or flame formation that you mentioned.



    Originally posted by Valizan on been sitting here trying to go over in my head your collection of "what about" and I have no clue. br/br/Have you seen these somewhere? I dont remember seeing them as you are describing them.



    Originally posted by icy on - yes...former FCBD member here used to do these when she was in SF. So, I just was trying to figure out if some of this was still in usage or Carrie, they dont have to be choreographed just the "agreed upon" thing beforehand it how I know it and it has been put into application when I was doing that more will see if I can find an example of the "Flame" (or at least that is what it was called here) was done mostly with slow and seem to remember it in a very early on video...but dont hold me to that LOL...I will search it



    Originally posted by icy on href= is the best video example (from start to 2:45) of what I learned was called the "flame" where there is a soloist for part of the song or all of the song depending on what was agreed upon beforehand and two people are dueting behind and the rest (if there are more) are in, guess this May 2010 video says "Yes" it is still done...*am excited*br/br/And there was passing behind the forward person, so that part of the question is answered, but I wondered about an actual facing trio if the side people could do a passing move while the third person in the back could just stay in place...again agreed on beforehand.



    Originally posted by Valizan on I HAVE seen that before, but Ive only ever seen it when Carolena was doing her usual solo, not anybody else. I didnt think it was so much a formation as framing for Carolena. br/br/Interesting.



    Originally posted by Wendy on could be done with anyone soloing, but its a talk about it beforehand kinda thing.



    Originally posted by icy on you Wendy 🙂 *memory still there, not fading too fast* Rock On!

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